Is Amazon DSP a Good Opportunity? Top UK Advertising Agency Answers

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The complexities of digital advertising have long required tedious data analysis. Sellers need to know who buys their product, how these buyers moved through the different stages of purchase, and how likely they are to make another purchase in the future.

Amazon advertising is no different; making the most of the flywheel is critical, especially as the number of sellers (and their products) increases. But many businesses still wonder whether Amazon’s demand-side platform (DSP), which programmatically buys ads both on and off Amazon, is a good opportunity to get their products in front of interested buyers. Fortunately, as U.K.’s Clear Ads points out, Amazon DSP continues to evolve and innovate, becoming even simpler to use — and more lucrative for businesses.

How Does Amazon DSP Advertising Work?

Amazon owns a wealth of customer data, thanks to its long history as a marketplace and its breadth of unique platforms. It can assess how browsing customers arrived at an Amazon listing and record the subsequent click-through-rate of purchase. It can also recommend similar products to buyers, thereby harvesting information about audiences. Amazon DSP capitalizes on this data, mainly depicting customer behavior, to programmatically assign the most effective ad inventory to its clients.

By using Amazon DSP, advertisers can utilize all the rich information at Amazon’s fingertips to launch ads in the most effective locations, targeting the most receptive audiences. A significant bonus is that Amazon DSP is not exclusive to Amazon sellers, which greatly widens its reach, accessibility and efficacy.

Where Is Amazon DSP’s Ad Inventory?

Amazon is known for its wide scope, but also its adherence to a customer-centric approach in business. It is unsurprising, then, that Amazon DSP harnesses such vast utility to provide unique customer insights to individual businesses in the form of data. For instance, in the Amazon marketplace, Amazon DSP can provide recommendation-style, dynamic e-commerce ads to customers that are likely to buy a particular product. But this is only a slice of Amazon DSP’s capabilities; the software can situate ads in a host of other prime locations.

Whether through Amazon directly or through a certified Amazon advertising agency, businesses can use Amazon DSP to advertise their products across multiple Amazon-owned platforms and on platforms partnered with Amazon. This means advertising space will appear on Kindle software, Fire TV and the Amazon market, but also on third-party exchange sites. Ads can appear in a variety of forms, as well. According to Amazon’s advertising website, DSP “enables advertisers to programmatically buy display, video, and audio ads,” which translates to a wide range of possibilities, including mobile banner and interstitial ads, in-stream video ads and desktop display ads. Therefore, the delivery mode for any ad is highly customizable and will always be relevant to the advertised product.

Because Amazon DSP’s reach is directly correlated to Amazon’s scope and versatility, businesses that advertise with the platform will experience correlative benefits: the ability to cast a wider net, land with more buyers and bring in greater product revenue.

How Can Advertisers Maximize Amazon DSP’s Potential?

We’ve established the power of Amazon DSP and its utility for businesses and advertisers — as well as the immense amount of data available, the options for advertising location and choice of ad format. Understandably, these factors can create tricky knowledge barriers for new DSP clients.

Fortunately, with the growth of Amazon DSP, there has been a subsequent surge in ad agencies trained on the Amazon platform and can guarantee maximized Amazon DSP performance. Clear Ads is one such company, having gained experience through Google Ads, formerly known as Adwords. Clear Ads was one of the first companies to offer tailored Amazon advertising assistance in the U.K., and now has over nine years of experience working with the Amazon platform. The company boasts the ability to drive down advertising cost of sale (aCoS), increase sales and revenue and offer personalized service.

For the more data-savvy, audacious advertisers, Amazon also offers a self-managed version of Amazon DSP. This means Amazon DSP clients can take on accessing, analyzing and implementing Amazon’s data on their own, taking into account such statistics as “new-to-brand” figures, “time-of-day” purchases and general customer demographics. While this option may not be suitable for all clients, some will undoubtedly appreciate the opportunity to individualize their approach to Amazon DSP.

How Can a Client Get Started With Amazon DSP UK?

The nature of the Amazon flywheel is such that the better the platform gets, the more sellers flock to the market, and thus the harder it becomes to sell any given product. With Amazon DSP at advertisers’ disposal, it simply no longer makes sense to operate on guesswork, hunches and estimations. You can harness real data to promote ads in the most effective spaces, at the most convenient times. Best of all, getting started with Amazon DSP is as simple as contacting an Amazon consultant or an official Amazon advertising agency like Clear Ads.

For businesses in need of greater brand awareness and advertisers in need of inventory, Amazon DSP provides the knowledge, resources and tools to boost revenue, no matter the product. To learn more about this complex yet vastly helpful form of advertising, visit

The post Is Amazon DSP a Good Opportunity? Top UK Advertising Agency Answers appeared first on prReach Blog.

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