Irving TX GreyStone Labs Rare Genetic Disease Testing Services Launched

GreyStone Laboratories in Irving, TX, announced that they are now using advanced genome sequencing technology to provide accurate, timely clinical diagnostic services to doctors and hospitals.

GreyStone Labs, a diagnostic laboratory based in Texas, announced an updated suite of genomics-driven clinical testing services to support physicians, hospitals, and clinics in Irving and the surrounding areas. Using leading diagnostic technology and equipment, GreyStone offers a wide range of analysis options with competitive results.

The newly launched services have been developed to provide doctors, insurers, and patients with a highly professional diagnostic solution that stands out for its scientific accuracy and timely response. This enables healthcare providers to make medical decisions without delay, offering patients the best care possible.

Many common diseases, such as heart disease or cancer, and rare conditions like cystic fibrosis, can run in families and be transmitted genetically.

Early detection of a genetic disease can help plan interventions to mitigate the onset of symptoms, and design an adequate treatment plan to minimize the severity of the disease.

Unlike traditional testing facilities, GreyStone Labs offers Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), an advanced technology that can process multiple DNA sequences in parallel and rapidly identify genetic mutations that cause breast cancer, lung cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes, among others.

GreyStone Laboratories work with each client individually, supporting them to grow their medical practice and tailoring their services to suit patients’ unique needs. In addition to industry-leading technology, they offer follow-up consultations and one-to-one support.

The suite of diagnostic services at Greystone spans from routine blood testing to cutting-edge screenings for rare genetic diseases.

These services include allergy screenings, bacteriology testing, histopathology, toxicology, urine analysis, immunology, and many more.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Our laboratory is committed to enabling clinicians to deliver on precision medicine that is data-driven, results-oriented, and research-led, by rapidly and accurately interpreting genomic data and using this insight to diagnose and treat patients with radical precision.”

With sophisticated technology and commitment to innovation, GreyStone Laboratories have established itself as a leading diagnostic provider at the forefront of specialist genetic sequencing.

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