Irving Dallas Water Damage Repair Restoration Cleanup 24 Hour Services Expanded

Dallas, TX bonded water damage specialists Premier Restoration USA announced the second anniversary of the company's operations and its proposed expansion to other cities. The firm offers a complete suite of water damage restoration services in and around Dallas using advanced screening and drying technologies.

Dallas 24/7 water damage repair company Premier Restoration USA announced the second anniversary of successful operations in the city and expansion to other cities in the United States. The company specializes in water damage restoration, after-damage cleanup, and mold remediation. The company operates a round-the-clock quick response service all year round.

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Left untreated, flooding due to natural causes or inundation due to faulty plumbing can cause severe damage to residential and commercial structures. Stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and serves as an incubator for several parasites and bacteria. As a result, the rapid extraction of water from flooded areas of a house are essential to prevent lasting structural damage, electrical faults, the rotting of wood, and the associated health hazards.

Premier Restoration USA provides rapid water damage repair services to fix the immediate effects of flooding by simple water extraction from the premises. This treatment is followed by a deep cleaning that involves the complete extraction of water and excess moisture from flooring, walls and other areas that are prone to rot or mold.

According to a spokesperson for Premier Restoration USA, “Our Dallas, TX bonded water damage specialists provide emergency services with fully equipped teams to handle minor or major water damage cleanup. We look to being able to extend our essential services to other cities across the United States and to help customers restore their property to its pristine condition as quickly as possible. “

Premier Restoration USA is headquartered in Dallas and is a water, fire, and mold damage repair using the latest technology in water damage detection including infrared imaging, dehumidifiers, and screening techniques to perform a deep cleaning and repair of inundated structures. The company is owned and operated by Robert Bouchard, Walt Sherman and Alberto Warner who possess a combined experience of more than half a century in providing customer-focused damage restoration services. More information about the company’s services is available at the link above.

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