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The founder and managing partner of AWP Law, P.C. Anthony Burton was recently featured in a 50-minute interview on The Attorney Post to discuss all aspects of Orange County tenant landlord disputes as well as diving into the concept of Irvine quiet title actions.

Anthony Burton is the founder and managing partner of AWP Law, P.C. He was recently featured in a 50-minute podcast interview on The Attorney post to discuss all aspects of Orange County tenant landlord disputes, as well as diving into the concept of Irvine quiet title actions and how they can help “settle” issues that arise in real estate law, particularly between renters and landlords and when various claims arise about the disputed ownership of a property.

Persons having tenant landlord disputes or needing help with a quiet title action should contact AWP Law, P.C., via their website found below, or by calling (949) 244-4207.

The purpose of a quiet title action is to determine who owns what in real estate and whether they have any rights that can be enforced by law. A quiet title suit may also involve determining if someone has violated an easement on your land. The person filing this lawsuit must prove their ownership interest in the property at issue. If you are not sure about how much money you owe for taxes, liens, mortgages, etc., it’s best to hire a lawyer to help with these types of situations.

A quiet title lawsuit is a set of civil actions that can be used for many purposes including:

• To determine who owns what land;

• To resolve disputes over ownership rights of real property;

• To protect against claims by others, including fraudulent conveyance;

• To prevent future litigation from arising out of disputed issues;

• To provide security for loans made based upon certain real estate holdings;

• To ensure that taxes have been paid on particular properties.

A spokesperson for the AWP Law shared a bit more information about Quiet Title Actions:

“Following the quiet title action, the plaintiff will be in full possession of the property in perpetuity, as will be the plaintiff’s heirs, and they will also be protected from any further claims of ownership made against the property by other outside entities.

“There are many different types of quiet title actions depending upon what type of situation exists within the dispute over the property. The most common use of a quiet title action involves situations where two parties have claimed ownership of the same piece of land at some point in history but now disagree about which party has superior rights to it. This can occur if someone dies without leaving a clear heir, or if someone else tries to take control of the property after being granted permission to do so by the original owner.”

“A quiet title action is usually brought only after all other avenues of resolving the issue have been exhausted. If you believe there is a problem with your title, it’s best to bring this matter up early so that no one else has trouble getting their money back later. It’s important to remember that bringing a quiet title action will cost time and money. There could be costs associated with hiring an expert witness, filing fees, and possibly attorneys’ fees.”

Persons seeking a Quiet Title Action in the Orange County California area are encouraged to reach out to AWP Law, P.C.

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