IRS Wage Garnishment Guide Released By Damiens Law For Business Owners

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Damiens Law provides information designed to be used by Business Owners who's wages have been garnished and others who need it, helping them become more aware of the basics of wage garnishment and how it can affect their life with as little stress as possible.

A new guide has been released on to offer assistance for business owners dealing with the IRS. “The Guide to Protecting Your Business Against Wage Garnishment” is designed to answer questions for people who have experienced wage garnishment and others who need it. Interested parties are invited to review the guide in full on their website.

The Guide covers:

* Can the IRS Garnish Wages?

* How much can IRS garnish wages?

* Does the IRS Need a Court Order to Garnish Wages?

* Is Wage Garnishment the Same as Tax Levy?

* How Much Income Can the IRS Take?

* Are There Any Exemptions Available?

* Can the IRS take Bonuses?

* How Often and for How Long Will the IRS Garnish Wages?

* Good news! A wage levy can stop – even if there is still a tax debt

* Exactly How Will the IRS Notify of a Wage Garnishment?

* After receiving a notice about wage garnishments. What’s next?

* Is it Worth it to Fight against Wage Garnishment?

* What Do to Do When Receiving Notices from the IRS?

* After receiving a notice about wage garnishments. What next?

* Is There Any Hope of Fighting against Wage Garnishment?

* How to Get Help?

Business owners are invited to review the guide in full on their website, and it contains details about how wage garnishments can affect day-to-day life as well as information that will help if when faced with a problem like this. These professionals are uniquely qualified to handle these serious legal issues.

Damiens Law Firm, PLLC, works with clients who are dealing with tax-related wage garnishment from the IRS. No one wants to be in this position. As tax professionals, we can make it easier by speaking to the taxing authorities and ensuring fair treatment by the IRS when it seeks a tax-related wage garnishment. We can help with claiming exemptions or by reviewing the underlying reasons why there is a wage levy. Damiens Law Firm is here to ensure that interests and financial well-being can be as protected as possible in every unique situation.

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Business Owners interested in IRS Wage Garnishment information and support are invited to review the guide online.

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