Iron Mountain Refrigeration Announces Launch of PeakCold Plus Display Coolers

It can be quite difficult to find display coolers that are high quality without a large price tag. Iron Mountain Refrigeration is answering the call with its new PeakCold Plus line.

It’s no secret that there is a wide range of quality and price when it comes to display coolers. Most choices are at one end or another of the spectrum with few quality choices in between. Fortunately, one of the leaders in the cooling product industry, Iron Mountain Refrigeration has stepped up to solve this problem. In exciting news, Iron Mountain Refrigeration recently announced the launch of its new North America manufactured, eco-friendly, energy-efficient PeakCold Plus line. To make things even more interesting to commercial buyers the whole line is backed by a generous three-year warranty.

“This is our mid-range line that we are all quite proud of,” remarked a spokesperson from Iron Mountain Refrigeration. “PeakCold Plus refrigerators really impress and will not leave our valued customers disappointed. In fact, many would consider the line equal or superior to others that are set at much higher price points. PeakCold Plus completely outperforms budget brands that can come with a bunch of potential headaches.”

According to the company. Over 20 retail display coolers are currently available and in stock from PeakCold Plus. The prices vary according to size starting at just over $500.

Some highlights of the eco-friendly, low energy coolers include key features like the coolers meeting all USA and California Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant energy standards; high-quality electronic temperature controls; a high power reliable refrigeration system; ultra-bright low energy LED lighting systems; spark-free internal and external components for added safety; and a newly designed condenser for maximum reliability.

Iron Mountain Refrigeration does everything possible to deliver the best possible customer experience, including providing free shipping on all orders commercial and even residential. Three different financing options are available with complete details available on the official company website, to help customers make a purchase decision that best meets their needs.

A wide range of other refrigeration products of all kinds are also available. The company is always happy to discuss a project and advise which refrigeration unit is likely to be an optimal choice.

Feedback for the PeakCold Plus Line has been extraordinary.

Jason S., from Chicago, recently said in a five-star review, “We needed a number of refrigeration units for our two cafes and were torn over what line to purchase from. We almost went with Chinese products but the reviews online made us very cautious. Thankfully we chose to give Iron Mountain and PeakCold Plus a try. The price and performance have been perfect. We can’t recommend it enough. Definitely a wise choice for small and medium-sized businesses.”

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