iPool Portable Exercise Therapy Pool Now Available in UK

The Fitmax iPool® is the latest innovation in resistance swimming. The portable tethered pool provides a user with hours of swimming at 1/20th of the price of a traditional pool.

The Fitmax iPool® continues to grow its market reach and international expansion and is now available in the UK and Ireland through Swimfitpool.

The Fitmax iPool® is the latest innovation in resistance swimming. The portable tethered pool provides a user with hours of swimming at 1/20th of the price of a traditional pool. The iPool® can fit in the garage, basement, backyard, or greenhouse. Roughly the size of a compact SUV the iPool offers all the health benefits of swimming including aquatic therapy and weight loss with fewer chemicals and less space required.

iPool® is a revolutionary aquatic fitness system that offers unparalleled versatility and affordability within the realm of above ground pools. For those looking for a lap pool, the iPool® has a resistance harness that allows you to swim constantly, without ever having to change direction or turn around. For those looking to rehab an injury, the therapy pool offers fitness capabilities, while being easy on your joints and muscles. For those looking for a total body workout, aquatic fitness accessories are available that can transform the iPool® into a total body fitness center

The iPool® is the signature flagship product of Fitmax Inc, a California based fitness equipment company, that is committed to providing consumers with access to quality health benefits typically found only in the finest fitness centers in the world.

According to a 2016 Parliament report 61.4% of adults in the UK are either overweight or obese and at risk for various chronic diseases such as arthritis and high blood pressure. Many of these adults would gain tremendously from the unique benefits that swimming, aquatic therapy, and water immersion provide. Swimming minimizes the stress and impact on joints and is one of the best exercises to train or strengthen the cardiovascular system and work out all the muscles in the body at once. Aquatic therapy can provide much needed pain relief and help recover from joint, muscular, and spinal injuries.

Unfortunately, many people do not have access. Traditional swimming pools cost can cost over £40,000.00 to install, requires large spaces, and require costly weekly maintenance. For parents who have children, traditional swimming pools can be dangerous areas requiring constant supervision and may be unsanitary. Pools at health clubs are loaded with harsh chemicals because of the volume of people that use the pool (and the bacteria that results). Similarly, community swimming pools are crowded, are not always accessible at the times convenient to your schedule, and may be hard to get to due to traffic or distance.

“We are very excited to be offering the iPool to the UK and Ireland, we are very impressed with the product and have been swimming happily in it ourselves” stated Carmel Kikkers, owner of Swimfitpool.

Swimfitpool is the exclusive UK distributor for the iPool® and will offer this low-cost alternative for UK consumers that are seeking the low-impact, high-energy exercise that swimming provides. The iPool® costs thousands of pounds less than traditional swimming pools and water treadmills but allows the user to swim without the hassle of turning around or uncomfortable jets blowing in his/her face. In fact, the iPool® costs about as much as a treadmill but gives you the unique benefits of joint support and pain relief along with exercise

More importantly, the iPool® takes up a total footprint of only 3 meters by 4 meters of space and can fit in many basements or small yards. The iPool® is portable and can be easily assembled and disassembled in an hour. Because of the easy fit frame and minimum parts, it is portable and can also be taken anywhere that you wish to go.

See Swimfitpool in action: Fight Joint Pain With Warm Water Therapyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WeT5i-lkwk

For more information visit: https://swimfitpool.com

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