iPhone 5/6/7 Wireless Charging Desk Apple Watch Stand Combination Video Launched

LXORY has launched a new video showcasing how customers can combine two of their iPhone products to create the ultimate charging stand. The Qi wireless charger and the XStand2 can combine in one sleek, minimal package and provide wireless charging for older phone models.

A new video has been launched by LXORY, showcasing how customers can combine two of their premium iPhone products to create an elegant charging stand for their device. Through pairing the Qi Wireless charging set for iPhone 5, 6 and 7 with the XStand2 Apple Watch and iPhone Stand, customers can create their own setup with ease.

More information can be found at: https://youtu.be/ofBFdG4KJ0Y

The video explains that for anyone interested in DIY and simple tech projects, the combination of the two LXORY products can make for a great addition to any desk or bedside cabinet.

Customers are easily able to enjoy putting together their products, and at the end of the quick and easy combination they will get a functional and travel friendly wireless Apple Watch and iPhone charging stand.

This allows them to charge both their iPhone and their Apple Watch wirelessly for added ease and convenience. The combined products are small enough to make for an elegant desk setup, and portable enough to travel with customers on the go.

The XStand comes with a redesigned and enhanced frame, which sits rock-solid on the table or nightstand. The flat phone holder provides more space for thicker cases and makes it easier to handle the phone when in use.

In combination with the QI Wireless Charing Set for iPhones 5, 6, and 7, it allows customers to charge their phone quickly and easily without touching the lightning connector.

This is especially useful, since iPhones before the 8 and X series don’t support wireless charging by default. However, using the QI receiver, customers are able to create this functionality, and the two devices sit nicely alongside each other in a minimal, sleek design.

A recent customer said: “I would highly recommend to anyone. You cannot beat the price for this quality product.”

Full details of the combination are available on the URL above.

More information on the charging set can be found at: https://lxory.com/qi-wireless-charger-set-for-iphone

Further information on the stand can be found at: https://lxory.com/xstand2-apple-watch-and-phone-stand-redesigned

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