IP Dallas TX Commercial Disinfection And Cleaning Janitorial Services Launched

Corporate Building Services recently launched an updated range of commercial disinfection and cleaning services for businesses in Dallas, Texas, and the surrounding DFW area with additional offices in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin, Texas.

Corporate Building Services announced the launch of an updated range of commercial disinfection and cleaning services for clients in *Dallas, Texas and the DFW area.

The company serves a vast array of commercial clients, including hotels, resorts, restaurants, entertainment venues, education facilities, industrial buildings, and many more.

More information can be found at https://www.ccleaning.com/covid-19-disinfect-op03

The newly launched commercial disinfection and cleaning services at Corporate Building Services aim to help Dallas businesses deep clean, sanitize and disinfect their commercial space.

With some businesses opening as the global health crisis continues, maintaining a clean workplace is critical to helping fight the spread of infection and disease.

The team at Corporate Building Services are responsive cleaning specialists with particular expertise in commercial deep cleaning. In response to the current pandemic, they have developed a professional antiviral sanitization and disinfection service that reduces the risk of spreading infection.

Using the latest technologies and procedures, their professional commercial cleaning services help maintain a clean, safe and healthy environment for one’s customers and employees.

The experienced cleaners at Corporate Building Service use electrostatic technology in the application of disinfectants for germ control. This state-of-the-art technology atomizes the chemical disinfectant with a positive electrical charge, causing it to be magnetically attracted to all surfaces.

As experts in creating clean, safe and healthy environments, the team have the knowledge and expertise to prevent infection and reduce the risk of illness from everyday germs to emerging pathogens.

Corporate Building Services has been providing customized commercial cleaning and janitorial solutions that exceed client expectations since 1954. With the recent announcement, the experienced commercial cleaners strive to assist clients with all their commercial cleaning and disinfection needs.

A spokesperson for the company said: “If you manage a growing business today, the last thing you need to worry about is your cleaning service. At Corporate Building Services, we meticulously and consistently handle every detail of your cleaning needs so you can rest assured you’re getting the finest service available.”

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*Additional offices in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin Texas

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