IOTA News Site Launches Report On MIOTA Coin Price Predictions For December 2021

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Coinmarketology has launched a new report on the IOTA (MIOTA) cryptocurrency coin to share the latest price prediction and analysis. IOTA is a blockchain-based open-source distribution ledger designed to support the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices.

The newly launched report focuses on the price prediction and analysis of the MIOTA coins’ performance. It is timely, as many investors are monitoring cryptos and traditional stocks and shares to predict market trends for 2022. The ongoing health crisis has caused economic uncertainty and affected share prices globally.

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IOTA has the potential to rival existing alt coins as a key premise of the platform is to overcome the problems faced by Bitcoin. The newly launched report states that while Bitcoin miners are paid to confirm each transaction, IOTA does not use miners. This means it is more cost-effective than Bitcoin, particularly for micro-transactions, which are a key part of any blockchain system.

Its innovative distributed ledger technology (DLT), Tangle, was created by the team behind the IOTA platform and overcomes issues of speed, cost, and scalability. Aside from increasing cost-efficiency, the report highlights the IOTA platform is growing in popularity because it has had success overcoming the challenges of existing blockchain-based systems.

The new report states that one of the key advantages of IOTA and the MIOTA coin is the fact it is focused on the IoT and connected devices. This could future proof the platform and coin compared to new and emerging competitors that have to overcome technical issues and scalability before focusing on connected devices.

IOTA has also made gains by partnering with large organizations that are also aiming to capitalize on the IoT. This has helped the network position itself as a key organization in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is building on the advances made during the digital revolution. IOTA’s primary goal is to link human and machine economies and it is gaining momentum.

Organizations are rethinking the ways they operate and how technologies can help them achieve ambitious business goals.

A company spokesperson said: “With the current price of $1.42 at the time of writing this analysis, IOTA price predictions from the technical analysts of the cryptocurrency market show a diversified trend with a mix of bears and bulls together. However, the future price predictions for 2022 are bullish.”

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