iOS App Development For Those With An App Development Project Starts Now

Glance Creative Ltd announced the availability of their new iOS App Development Services.More information can be found at

Customers looking for the latest iOS App Development Services will soon be able to get involved with Glance Creative Ltd. Today Simon Lee, CEO at Glance Creative Ltd releases details of its development.

The iOS App Development Service is designed to appeal specifically to those with an app development project and includes:

Crafting the best iOS apps in the industry – These apps have been made for both corporate clients through to startups and entrepreneurs. This feature was included at Glance to help clients all over the world with their ideas, solving their problems and helping them devise the right mobile strategy to take their business forward. This is great news for the consumer as In this age of borderless communication, the world really is more accessible than ever.

Apple Platform – Apple are synonymous with style, simplicity and effortless experiences. This simplicity comes at a price though and not just a financial one. Yes, the Apple range of devices are expensive, but Apple don’t dominate the cheaper end of the device market and have never wanted to. But this cost of simplicity also rears it’s head when it comes to developing the product. This was made as part of the service since Apply put strict controls in place to ensure new iPhone app developers do not ruin the user experience.

App Marketing – Glance Creative Ltd made this an important part of the service to ensure engaged users are reached. Customers of the iOS App Development service will likely appreciate this because it means user behaviour and engagement is focused upon from the start and not just at the end.

More information on the mobile app agency in London can be found on their website,

Simon Lee, when asked about the iOS App Development Service said:

“The mobile technology landscape has exploded over the past 10 years and we’ve seen the industry grow from a few development companies dabbling in mobile to now, where you have a lot of choice when looking for an iOS app development company in London. When it comes to mobile apps, especially in the early days, the market was heavily dominated by Apple and although things have shifted quite a lot since then, the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch are still amazing devices to release your product on.”

This is the latest offering from Glance Creative Ltd and more information on the service can be found on

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