INW Properties Continues To Help Spokane WA Homeowners In Foreclosure

INW Properties helps homeowners that are going through foreclosure or forbearance problems by buying their property as-is with no repairs needed or required.

Even with everything going on in the real estate market right now, including all the properties in foreclosure or forbearance, INW Properties continues to help homeowners navigate those tricky situations. INW Properties will purchase a property directly from property owners, avoiding costly MLS and realtor commissions and fees. They buy houses in the Spokane and Kootenai County area but will expand their market if the right property fits their needs. They ensure that the process is simple as it can be for the homeowners. If home owners need to sell their house fast because of foreclosure, getting a divorce, moving away, or any other reason, they can call to make the process fast and easy.

They have purchased houses from residents in the area and they’re able to give them a reasonable offer for the property. Their company is not a developer that wants to get the property for a low amount then sell it. They are a local company that wants to help Spokane maintain its greatness while also providing housing solutions to the residents.

When a property owner decides to sell their property to INW Properties, they are assured of:

No Hidden Fees – They buy the property for the agreed upon price with no hidden fees to watch out for. There are no hidden costs when working with them, which means that they get the customer’s cash to them in full after closing. They do not have agent fees, inspection fees, or even closing fees. Since they buy the property directly from property owners, all the deductions that come with selling to a realtor are avoided.

No Repairs Necessary – INW Properties buys houses in the current, as-is condition. Owners do not have to spend thousands of dollars on renovations to get a buyer to look at their home as a prospect. They buy old houses that need repairs without requiring repairs or updating. In case of an inherited property and funds are not available for repairs, or the property simply is unwanted, call INW Properties to buy the property. It does not matter if the house was rejected by a realtor because it looks old or damaged. They will take a look at it, and if it fits their criteria, they will make an offer to buy it.

Get Cash Within A Week – They buy property for cash and close within a week, at most two weeks. Realtors are not needed to put the property on the market where it may sit for months waiting for a qualified buyer. Once the property is sold to them, they work fast to close within a week or two and have cash to the homeowner at time of closing. There are no delays or excuses with INW Properties. What they promise is what they give the property owner.

INW Properties is a company everyone can trust because they’re local to Spokane, which means that they know the housing market in Spokane and Kootenai County. They will offer a reasonable price for the property and do not force the property owners into taking a deal if they do not feel that the offer is worth it.

The INW Properties process is easy and is as follows:

Step 1: Reach out to them at to tell them all about the property. Describe any details that might be useful (the address, overall condition, reason for selling).

Step 2: They will review the application and check whether the property meets their criteria. If it does, they will set up a meeting.

Step 3: They make an offer. If accepted, they can close within the time needed, whether it is a week or more. If more time is needed, they have no problem accommodating.

Release ID: 89029567