Invoice Processing for Dynamics 365 Business Central Announced by Centsoft

Invoice Processing for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has been announced by Centsoft, a cloud-based AP automation solution that includes invoice capture, invoice processing, approval workflow, a searchable invoice archive and a time-stamped audit trail.

Centsoft has announced automated invoice processing software for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The invoice processing solution is easy to use and is a good fit for small to medium size companies. It’s for organizations that want to reduce the tedium of manual data entry for invoice data, and the task of hunting down approvers for vendor invoices with phone calls and spreadsheets.

An automated invoice processing system saves finance administrators time and energy. Both paper and emailed invoice data is scanned and captured by the system, showing up in the Centsoft intuitive central dashboard with all of the data fields filled in. That saves time because many businesses are still manually keying invoice information into their accounting system or ERP.

Centsoft Invoice Processing is a cloud service that lets supervisors and project managers approve their purchases on desktop, tablet or smartphone. Finance administrators appreciate that invoices can be matched to specific projects, having an approval workflow that is visible and up to date, complete with a time-stamped invoice log.

The invoice processing system has automated invoice capture software built in, so administrators don’t have to worry about separate applications for OCR or other capture methods. Centsoft also has an invoice archive with a complete search function, so that users can search for any data on an invoice, rather than search for the information available in only very specific fields.

“Finance administrators are looking for automated invoice processing solutions that remove time-consuming manual work,” said Lisa Berkstresser, North America Centsoft Product Manager, “and Centsoft adds more time to their day with an easy to use AP automation platform that captures invoice data and manages invoice approvals.”

Some of the features Centsoft offers include the ability to flag invoices, messaging to team members, the ability to split invoices that come attached in a bundle and the reconciliation of credit card purchases. Flagged invoices are placed in a folder on the main dashboard. Users can quickly find invoices that are to be re-invoiced, blocked, or credited.

Finance administrators appreciate both the time and cost savings because Centsoft cannot only index invoice data but also get approvals faster with less effort.

Centsoft Invoice Processing in the cloud integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Ledgers are imported to Centsoft so that coding can be handled as usual. When invoices are approved, they’re automatically transferred to Dynamics.

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About Centsoft

Centsoft offers a robust, cloud-based AP Automation platform to streamline all of the steps in the accounts payable process. Centsoft’s AI learns and proactively suggests the best way to record and process invoices for fast and easy approval. Centsoft is a leading provider of SaaS solutions that automates the management of incoming invoices for over 3,000 companies. Centsoft easily integrates with popular ERPs and accounting systems.

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