Invoice Finance and Invocie Discounting Service By New Website Funding Solutions

The launch of an exciting new website in the invoice finance and invoice discounting industry

Cardiff, UK – August 4th, 2014 /PressCable/

New Funding Solutions website offers great new services for businesses.

Funding Solutions ( proudly announces

the launch of a new website in the invoice finance industry. The site delivers great new services

for businesses, including invoice finance, invoice factoring, invoice discounting, credit insurance,

and asset finance. Funding Solutions remains committed to making business finance simple, and

the new website makes doing so an easier task.

“Funding Solutions offers a variety of solutions for businesses in need of some extra cash. Certain

businesses find invoice factoring works best as it provides a cash boost for the business while

smoothing the cash flow. Others opt to refinance current assets as this releases cash currently tied

up in machinery, property, and other assets. Funding Solutions ( works to find the right product

and the right lender based on the particular needs of each client, rather than offering one solution

for all customers,” Ian Hepworth, company co-founder, explains.

Funding Solutions remains independent of any lender and offers their experience free of charge.

Independent impartial advice offered through the company ensures clients make informed decisions,

ones designed to move their business forward. Companies often focus on either the financial

product being offered or the lender providing the funds. Both need to be considered together for

clients to obtain the best results.

“Funding Solutions monitors the financial lending market and understands the capabilities and

requirements of each lender. Although each business is unique, the company knows which

solutions are likely to best provide the desired outcomes, based on previous experience. They

happily share this information with clients to help each make an informed decision, one that is right

for their current situation,” Hepworth continues.

Credit insurance is one such solution. The global economy remains unstable, although some

improvements have recently been seen. Many businesses continue to fail, however, leading those

who have extended credit to these businesses with a decrease in revenue and bad debt which

needs to be written off. With the help of credit insurance, this becomes less of an issue.

“Funding Solutions offers a variety of credit insurance products, such as whole turnover credit

insurance, to meet the needs of a range of clients. Some find they prefer key account insurance

plans or specific account insurance plans, however, so Funding Solutions now offer these types of

policies. Visit the site to learn more about these and the many other options available to companies.

With the help of finance and industry guides, businesses discover a variety of funding solutions, one

of which is sure to meet their needs,” Hepworth declares.

About Funding Solutions:

Funding Solutions, the brainchild of two highly experienced business professionals, strives to

overcome the frustrations experienced by SME owners and managers when searching for funding.

The site works to provide a platform for impartial and independent decision making as the owners

share a passion for helping businesses of every size not only survive, but thrive. Ian Hepworth, co-

founder, established himself in the banking industry by excelling in delivering cash flow funding to

quoted companies and SMEs from specialist independent lenders and high street banks. Mr.

Hepworth specializes in asset finance solutions and delivering cash flow finance.

Contact Info:
Name: Ian
Organization: Funding Solutions
Phone: 0845 251 4040
Address: The Lansdowne Building 2 Lansdowne Road Croydon Surrey CR9 2ER

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