Invisalign Teeth Straightening, 9 Aspects You May Not Know at Sbenati Dentistry

Sbenati Dentistry has released 9 previously unpublished facts about its Orthodontic Treatment "Invisalign". Further information can be found at

Sbenati Dentistry makes public 8 different aspects about Invisalign many may not know. Orthodontic treatment is for health, even though many people use it for cosmetics and aesthetics.

The 8 items include aspects such as:

Invisalign gives patients a proper bite. Contrary to popular belief, orthodontic procedures were not invented for cosmetic or aesthetic reasons- even though these reasons tend to drive most purchases. The benefits to ones overall health with a good bite was the original reason, and these benefits still hold true today. A good bite and overall health are related.

Invisalign had been in development for jaw alignment. The mouth and jaw have “hinges” on each end. A smooth opening and closing of the mouth reduces pain and discomfort. Having proper jaw alignment also decreases the risk for jaw injury (like TMJ, TMD, clicking/popping, and painful chewing).

More efficient and healthy digestion. This aspect is often overlooked but is of the utmost importance to patients digestive system and gut health. Being able to properly break down food to prepare it for its entrance into the body is a huge benefit of Invisalign. If someone has poor bone and teeth architecture it is usually going to cause poor gum and teeth health.

Invisalign clear aligners can actually remedy neck, facial and jaw pain. Wearing clear aligners can give patients a better bite, therefore decreasing grinding and in turn reducing facial and jaw pain. Aligners can teach the muscles in someones face to not cause teeth to grind. This can help with TMD.

Easier to brush and floss, leading to better oral health. When teeth are not aligned properly it is much easier for food to get caught and stuck between them. This means Invisalign can actually prevent cavities as well. Patients have much less to worry about in terms of oral health if their teeth are straight.

Many hear about how an aligner can cause a lisp initially. While this is true, the mouth and tongue get used to the aligner and over the course of a few months (or weeks even) the lisp will go away. With straight teeth through Invisalign overall speech and pronunciation will improve.

A lot of people do not like spending too much time at the dentist. Whether it be for a prolonged procedure or a simple cleaning. If patients teeth are straight it makes the hygienists job much easier. This means the 40 minute cleaning could be reduced to 20 or 30 minutes.

Aligners have many uses. Patients can utilize them to whiten teeth, and also as protection for sports. Aligners are versatile and have many applications.

Sbenati Dentistry got it’s start when Founder Dr. Halim Sbenati noticed a growing need for something that helps improve overall health, not just aesthetics of the smile. Yes, this is of course a benefit, but the origins of orthodontics revolved around actual health and not cosmetics.

Dr. Halim Sbenati is quoted saying: “We like to do things to connect with our consumers and customers. Things like stay available to not only patients but anyone who needs us. Our DM’s are always open and anyone can message us for advice, a question, or a concern.”

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