Invisalign Dentist London Ontario’s Teeth Straightening Process with Aligners

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Sbenati Dentistry a dentist London Ontario announces the continued availability of their Orthodontic Treatment "Invisalign", teeth straightening, invisalign near me, invisalign braces, invisalign price, teeth aligners available at Sbenati Dentistry. More information can be found at

Patients and prospects looking for an exceptional orthodontic treatment are able to purchase Invisalign by Sbenati Dentistry. Dr. Halim Sbenati, Owner, Doctor of Dental Surgery at Sbenati Dentistry has just released more in depth details of Invisalign’s treatment process.

Invisalign is designed to appeal specifically to those with teeth straightening needs like crowding, overbite, underbite, gaps and much more and includes:

What the process looks like – The first step is finding a qualified and professional Invisalign dentist like Dr. Halim Sbenati at Sbenati Dentistry and booking a consultation. During the Invisalign consult, Sbenati Dentistry will discuss your goals and how they can be achieved. The next aspect of the first visit would be to scan your teeth using Align technologies iTero scanner. They are rendered in 3D. Customers who buy Invisalign should enjoy this consultation because it is an open discussion with a trained professional about your hopes and goals, along with if Invisalign is even right for the patient. Dr. Halim Sbenati will never recommend a treatment that doesn’t suit the patient’s needs.

Exact treatment plan – Sbenati Dentistry made sure to make this part of the orthodontic treatment’s development. After the patient views their smile in 3D, the shifts necessary to achieve their goals are shown. This gives patients an idea of what their final result will look like, and is cause for much excitement. The treatment plan includes a display of how your teeth will be moved, and exactly how long it will take. It is important for the patient to have full visibility into the process, from pricing to aligner swopping to duration of treatment. Sbenati Dentistry prides itself on this transparency.

Progress is monitored – This feature was included because since Invisalign works to gradually shift your teeth into a more healthy and aesthetically appealing position, it is important for an orthodontist to monitor the progress. The aligners are created to apply the exact amount of force, in the exact direction and at the exact right time. This is great news for the consumer as many online straightening options are not lead by an orthodontist and therefore can cause a multitude of issues. Invisalign treatment is perfect and precise nearly eliminating all room for error.

Dr. Halim Sbenati, when asked about Invisalign said:

“Sbenati Dentistry loves helping make patients smiles healthy and beautiful. It is a gift that keeps on giving, a true motivation for the work we do. Seeing the patients confidence skyrocket is enough for us.”

Dr. Halim Sbenati is particularly excited about this product because from start to finish the patient has full transparency with the treatment. They get to see their own smile in 3D and what it will look like after treatment has been completed.

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