Invisalign Auckland NZ Clear Aligners To Straighten Teeth By Mt Eden Dentist

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All Smiles Dental has launched its Invisalign dental treatment in Auckland, New Zealand. It provides comfortable and transparent Invisalign aligners that shift teeth to create a beautiful smile.

All Smiles Dental has launched its Invisalign dental treatment in Auckland, New Zealand. The dental clinic specializes in smooth, comfortable, and transparent Invisalign aligner trays that shift teeth to create a beautiful smile.

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The newly launched service gradually shifts teeth into position to give patients a beautiful smile. Using Invisalign aligner trays means there are no metal braces to attach and no wires to tighten up. Every two or three weeks patients should visit the dental clinic to put in a new set of aligners until the treatment is complete.

Invisalign aligners barely interrupt patient’s daily lives. Most people will not be able to notice that someone is wearing the aligners to straighten their teeth. Invisalign aligner can also be obtained for only the top teeth or the lower teeth if a patient chooses and the clinicians determine it is suitable.

For best results it is recommended that Invisalign aligners are worn at all times except when eating, drinking, and cleaning teeth. It is also possible to remove Invisalign aligners for social events or functions for a few hours without affecting the overall treatment time. Invisalign aligners should also be worn when sleeping, with a minimum of 20 hours per day to be most effective.

Since food and drink can seep underneath the aligners and become trapped until they are removed, it is not recommended to eat or drink anything with them in place. If food or drink gets trapped for hours, it can stain teeth and the aligners and can even increase the risk of developing tooth decay.

Invisalign aligners were first invented in 1997 and have undergone many design advances meaning there is little in the realm of tooth alignment and orthodontics that it cannot fix. Invisalign is appropriate for children, teens, and adults. Invisalign can also be used for extraction and non-extraction situations, and for cases where jaw alignment is required, as elastics can also be used together with Invisalign.

For more information about All Smiles Dental visit the website listed above or call 0800-255-764.

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