Investment Newsletter for Advisors and Investors Predict Bumpy Markets

Advisor Cheat Sheet, investment newsletter for advisors and self directed investors, is predicting a potentially bumpy road in the stock market in the coming weeks. There are 5 key events coming up this month that could jolt the markets.

Advisor Cheat Sheet is a macro-economic based investment newsletter comparable to Hulbert Financial Digest or The Gartman Letter. Subscribers include Financial Advisors, Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), Wealth Managers, Fund Managers, Insurance Agents, CPAs and self-directed investors

Advisor Cheat Sheet is published weekly and written by a team of financial professionals with over 25 years of combined experience in retail investment advising, institutional trading and portfolio management. Advisor Cheat Sheet was created to help financial professionals and self-directed investors eliminate the information overload they face daily, and to provide comprehensive, essential and succinct macro-economic analysis and weekly coverage of all markets: Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, Currencies and Economic Data.

Advisor Cheat Sheet is predicting a potentially bumpy road in the stock market in the coming weeks. Everett Wilkinson, Marketing Director for Advisor Cheat Sheet, said “By the end of this month, Advisor Cheat Sheet subscribers will have the information they need to potentially outperform for their clients in the 4th quarter because they will know what the three key central bank events in September means for stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies.”

“First, the ECB Meeting September 8th: Will the ECB hint at more stimulus (bullish) or not (bearish)?”

“Second, the Fed Meeting September 21st: Will the Fed hike rates (very bearish), hint at hiking rates in December (bearish) or stay ultra-dovish (bullish)? “

“Third, the Bank of Japan Meeting September 21st: Will the BOJ adopt “Helicopter Money Light” (bullish), or just do another inconsequential easing like in July (bearish). “

Wilkinson continues, “There are also events beyond the central bank meetings that have the potential to move both stocks and bond markets”:

“The first Presidential Debate September 26th: Will Trump get back into the race (bearish short term – and this is not a political opinion) or will Clinton maintain a comfortable lead (not bearish).

“In addition, the International Energy Forum September 26th: Will OPEC and Non-OPEC members agree on a global production “freeze” (bullish oil) or not (very bearish oil). “

“Furthermore, the Italian Referendum October 30th: This vote is on a series of constitutional reforms, but it’s really a veiled “Brexit” type vote because if the referendum fails, it’ll mean a vote on EU membership is next. So, if you thought Brexit drama was bad, just wait for this vote. “

“Lastly, the US Political Elections November 8th: It’s not just about the Presidency, but control of the Senate is also in doubt as well as the size of the Republican majority in the House. “

In today’s world, clients expect their financial professional to know what is going on in all markets. Reality is advisors have limited time and resources. Advisor Cheat Sheet explains in plain English what is going on in all markets so that advisor can use it with clients. Current subscribes have said that Advisor Cheat is the “best investment newsletter, comparable to Hulbert Financial Digest or Gartman Letter for Financial Advisors”


Everett Wilkinson, Marketing Director

Everett Wilkinson rose from a financial advisor with an independent broker dealer RIA to management of a team of 500 financial advisors. As the National Inside Sales Desk Manager, he was responsible for operations, strategic problem solving, RFPs for government retirement plans, advanced financial planning, financial product development, individual and institutional marketing, and corporate relationship management with vendors, mutual funds and insurance companies.

Since then, Everett Wilkinson has used his knowledge of both the financial and marketing sectors to develop a career in marketing. For over 5 years, he has been working closely with his clients to become a trusted advisor as a Communication & Marketing Strategist, serving financial and Fortune 500 companies. In this role, Everett is responsible for growing the business through marketing strategies and directs inbound and out-bound messaging, social media, branding, business development, and direct mail campaigns.

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