Investment Banking Career – A Habit To Become A Successful Investment Banker

How to become a successful investment banker? Career advice to investment banking and capital market professionals - achieve career success by learning from investment banking rainmakers.

What does a weekly newsletter have to do with career success in investment banking and capital markets?

Ever wonder what investment banking and capital market’s high achievers, aka rainmakers, are reading, learning and pondering every week?

A new weekly newsletter called Rainmakers has been launched recently which would be beneficial for career growth in investment banking and capital market professions. For a limited time, you can get a free lifetime subscription at

Rainmakers Weekly Newsletter includes ideas and tips favoured by investment banking and capital market rainmakers on learning, leadership, personal and professional growth, productivity, lifestyle hacks and more. The newsletter is published every Saturday.

“You’ve probably heard a lot of investment banking career success stories. One of the key qualities of these high achievers is continuous learning for personal growth,” says Kelvin Wong, publisher of Rainmakers. “Spending time on personal development consistently is just one career success tip offered by investment banking rainmakers.”

Kelvin Wong is CEO of Strategic Acumen, an M&A and strategic investment advisory firm in Toronto, Canada. Wong served as Senior Advisor to Chairman & CEO at J.P. Morgan Asia. Prior to that, he served as Managing Director at J.P. Morgan.

The objective of Rainmakers Weekly Newsletter is to share with investment banking and capital market professionals select content on topics such as learning, leadership, personal development, professional growth, productivity, and lifestyle hacks.

Spending a few moments during weekends to consume relevant high quality content compounds positive impact for career advancement. A seemingly insignificant improvement consistently produces remarkable results. For instance, if we improve by one percent every week, we would be almost seventy percent better in one year; and we would be almost two times better in two years.

People considering careers in investment banking would also benefit from content that is favoured by high achievers in the field. Weekly learning through the Rainmakers Newsletter facilities a better understanding of investment banking and capital markets and offers resources for eventual investment banking interviews and job preparation.

A free lifetime subscription is currently available for a limited time, get it by clicking the following link:

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