Inventions Handbook Publishes New Blog Post on Invention Grants the website for first time inventors has posted its new post titled: invention grants: how to find money for your inventions. The post is a comprehensive listing of available funding bodies and organizations providing grants for the development of new inventions.

London, United Kingdom – July 22nd, 2014 /PressCable/ —, the top website for new and aspiring inventors, has published a comprehensive new blog post today on the subject of inventions grants. The post covers different providers of invention grants available to inventors looking for funds to fund the research, development and launch process of new product ideas. This blog post reveals the top providers of inventions grants around the world, and helps new inventors find practical sources to fund their invention ideas.

Inventions Handbook owner Kathleen Singleton says many people struggle with finding funding for their inventions ideas. They have a great idea, but they just don't know how to take it further and to make their dream into a real profitable product. This blog post gives solid information that's often hard to find about the best way to get funding through grants and public investments in inventions ideas.

While organizations are not close mouthed about making their offering public, individual first time inventors, with no knowledge of what is available, often end up abandoning their plans due to lack of financing. The financial risk of researching, developing and launching a new product at their cost often prevents many new promising products from being launched.

The post, titled: ‘inventions grants: there is money out there for your invention', currently covers grants from the Small Business innovation research program, he National Institute of Standards and Technology, National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance and many more organizations. It also covers grants offers from the UK government and the Australian government.

Readers are also encouraged to share on the page any new inventions funding and grants program they are familiar with, as well as private grants or financing options.

The blog post is at Inventions grants.

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