Inuyasha Kikyo Miko Cosplay Halloween Costume Women Kimono Launched

Cosplay Guru, a cosplay costume company based in Wuhan Shi, China, launched a new Kikyo Miko Halloween cosplay costume set based on the Inuyasha manga series. The set includes a kimono, pants, belt and bowknot, and is ideal for cosplay events and Halloween parties.

Cosplay Guru, a Chinese cosplay costume company, launched a new Inuyasha Kikyo Miko Halloween cosplay kimono.

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Initially limited to Japanese manga fans, cosplay has become a popular performance art in the west as well. With the popularization of manga and anime series such as Yu Gi Oh and Inuyasha in the 1990s, the performance art and the teenage subculture have become popular practices in the USA, UK, Germany and other Western countries.

The popular subculture has thus grown mainly as a result of the surge in popularity of the anime and manga series that give substance to the performance art. However, the practice has evolved to include popular Western animation series as well, and some original cosplay artists have even invented unique characters.

The appeal of the practice comes from the ease with which different identities can be assumed, independently of the gender of the character or of the artist. The immersing art allows users to create advanced embodiments of their favorite characters, including body movements, mannerisms, ways of behavior and more.

Cosplay Guru launched a new cosplay Halloween costume based on the Inuyasha series. The costume set features a Kikyo Miko kimono, as well as a variety of accessories.

The set is composed of a white kimono, a pair of red pants, a red belt and a large bowknot.

All items are made from polyester and can be washed both automatically and manually, with the producer recommending manual cold-water washing.

The costume is ideal for both cosplay performance art events and Halloween or other types of costume parties. The size is universal, and the costume is aimed at women, though it can be worn by anyone wishing to embody Kikyo Miko.

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