Intuitive Personal Consciousness For Mindfulness/Clarity – Book Series Updated

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Author and Instructor Clif Taylor of Connected Spirit Publications is updating his line of ebooks and short stories to include "Clear, Calm, and Open", a digital book that reveals the path to ultimate mindfulness. A personalized intuition report is also now available.

This newest update to the Connected Spirit collection introduces today’s busy consumers to a range of insights that explain how intuition, mindfulness, and stress reduction can enhance productivity, engagement, and decision-making. Clif Taylor’s Clear, Calm, and Open is a 3-step technique that heightens consciousness for more enlightened living.

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Clif Taylor teaches audiences how to cope in a frenetic world by practicing key techniques designed to actuate a better quality of life. His recently updated instructional series now includes Clear, Calm, and Open, available to anyone seeking ways to eliminate stress and gain the clarity and balance they need to successfully navigate their daily struggles.

Taylor says he discovered his newly revealed technique by reverse-engineering how he survived and conquered many extreme challenges, tragedies, and setbacks in his personal and professional life.

Clear, Calm, and Open guides readers, students, and audiences through the experiences that led to Taylor’s becoming a global contractor working in China, Angola, and Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Taylor explains that the tenets of his philosophy are what led to his rich and abundant personal and professional life. Instructional materials are available in Webinar, PDF Manual, podcast and video formats, as well as personal training sessions.

To help audiences get a better feel for his proprietary technique, Taylor has created a free questionnaire titled “How Intuitive Are You? How Much More Intuitive Could You Be?” The questionnaire assesses the way an individual’s personality relates to their level of intuition.

Results of this questionnaire are unique to each individual. Rooted in psychological research, the personality report highlights the role Clear, Calm, and Open can play in increasing an individual’s intuition, mindfulness, and overall quality of life.

A spokesperson for Connected Spirit Publications says, “Clear, Calm, and Open is a healing technique that supports all forms of mind, body, and spirit training and practices – including yoga, meditation, and prayer. It’s a state of being that helps you see, feel, and be at one with yourself and the heavens that surround you.”

With the addition of the Clear, Calm, and Open digital book and detailed intuition report to Connected Spirit Publications’ current line of e-books and other instructional materials, Clif Taylor is putting today’s audiences on the path to heightened consciousness for clearer, more mindful and enlightened living.

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