Intuitive Edge: a Not-So-Secret (anymore) Weapon for Acquisitions & Divestitures

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Contract management during M&A or divestitures can slow deals down & cost far more than it should. Intuitive Edge combines high-tech and high-touch elements, disrupting the legal services market.

INTUITIVE EDGE (website) is fast becoming the go-to, not-so-secret weapon of corporations embarking upon a merger, acquisition or divestiture. This is because Intuitive Edge deploys a dream team led by an attorney and a project manager to take charge of managing the hundreds or thousands of contracts that have to be conveyed, seamlessly, from one entity to the another. Intuitive Edge achieves this with its OASIS cycle of contract management which centralizes all contracts in a virtual data room, then methodically organizes their flow from the divesting entity to the acquiring entity.

Intuitive Edge’s OASIS cycle includes work flow that ensures that legal or administrative or interdepartmental hurdles that might otherwise stand in the way of a seamless transfer of contracts are cleared. Contracts are not “lost in translation” as a deal–regardless of complexity or size–unfolds.

Contract management during mergers, acquisitions or divestitures is notorious for slowing deals down and for eroding trust between the companies involved. That’s why Intuitive Edge combines high-tech and high-touch elements in its OASIS cycle, so that the contract management process actually builds rapport and respect between companies.

Intuitive Edge also disrupts the legal services market with its teams of lawyers and non-lawyer project managers. Intuitive Edge can, therefore, deliver cost savings, even while improving quality–a win/win that likely explains why its list of clients include Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

Intuitive Edge was founded by Attorney Lisa Scott who understood that the culture of law firms is often ill-suited to the patterns and pace necessary to manage complex transfers of hundreds or thousands of contracts. Going “outside the box” of the law firm walls has allowed her to make Intuitive Edge and the OASIS cycle a (now) not-so-secret weapon to get deals done–and done quickly, less expensively and with less potential friction between entities involved in the process. As Attorney Scott said, “When you can charge less than the competition, deliver more than the competition and get it done faster, you’ve got a wonderful runway to take off as a company. We’re all tremendously appreciative of having the opportunity to build what is essentially a new industry at the interface of legal services and project management. The focus of that industry–unique to Intuitive Edge–is complex contract management. But Intuitive Edge does offer other legal/project management services, as well.” Intuitive Edge Website

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