Introduction to PLM Video Reveals 3 Benefits of PTC’s Windchill

Root Solutions Limited has published a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) introduction focussing on three specific areas in which PTC Windchill can transform Bill of Materials (BOM) Management: parallel product development, configuration management, and supplier part management.

A video covering the subject of ‘Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)’ entitled ‘An Introduction to PLM’ has been released and published by Root Solutions Limited, a Leading PTC Partner in the UK. The video succinctly identified the key benefits of using a PLM solution, specifically how Product Lifecycle Management and the latest updates to PTC’s Windchill can cut product development times and make the organisation leaner. Those interested in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) can see the full video and accompanying download at .

The presentation has been made by Pete Edwards, PLM Solutions Architect at Root Solutions Limited, who wanted to bring attention to the main developments in PLM following the White Paper released by PTC entitled “Realising A Digital Product Definition For The Enterprise”.

This introductory video and supporting information focuses on three specific areas in which Windchill can transform Bill of Materials (BOM) Management: parallel product development, configuration management and supplier part management. Root Solutions Limited now welcomes comments and questions from readers.

On Parallel Product Development, Pete Edwards, covers PTC Windchill which allows Bills of Materials to be managed through a controlled release. Pete explains that “this state allows downstream functions to access the data this enables functions such as supply chain management and manufacturing to start planning for and designing their manufacturing processes”.

Root Solutions’ PLM Solutions Architect moves on to talk about Configuration Management and the Windchill PartsLink module which allows teams to much more easily avoiding duplicating the same design or sourcing the same part from multiple suppliers. Supplier Parts Management (SUMA) then comes into play to help your organisation to control where parts are sourced from through standardized workflows and also helps to give engineering teams visibility of long lead time items during the design process.

Those with specific question or comment about this introduction or more technical questions about PTC Windchill PLM software are welcome to contact Root Solutions Limited via their website at

Once again, the complete video and further information is accessible at

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