Introducing The Future Comix Artists With 98thPercentile

Storytelling & designing are forms in which children learn to express themselves creatively. 98thPercentile COMIX stimulated hidden artist in children by giving them a platform to create stories using comic strips. It engaged them in a healthy competition with students competing from across the world.

Throughout the month of June, all of our students were able to showcase their writing and designing skills. Comix was a competition focused on showcasing students’ reading, writing, and creativity skills. Enrolled students had the opportunity to create and write their own storyboard and learn how to design their own comic strip.

The competition granted access to masterclasses based on the student’s grade level that taught them how to become an expert comic writer. They learned how to develop a storyline in their mind around their favorite superheroes, robots, pets, and their fictional/non-fictional characters. They also learned how to transition that storyline into a graphic visualization in form of a comic strip.

And the winners were…

For Grades 1 & 2, Delilah Napier came in 3rd place, Neil Kashyap came in 2nd place, and Kiaan Neel Jaini won 1st place! These young students showed amazing storylines and graphics.

For Grades 3 & 4 division, Arjun Sripal came in 3rd place, Bayla Taggart came in 2nd place and Avyay Preetham won 1st place! These young students showed amazing storylines and graphics.

For Grades 5 & 6 division, Harshika Meka came in 3rd place, Prakrit Vaish came in 2nd place and Aahana Sisodiya won 1st place! These young students showed amazing storylines and graphics.

As the above nine contestants earned their prizes of gift cards and scholarships, all other contestants left the competition with a participation certificate and countless intangible benefits. All of their comics were posted on 98thPercentile’s Comix wall for the world to see!

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