Introducing iHealth Token, the First Cryptocurrency to Care about Health and Humanity

The world’s first decentralized medical platform, iHealth plans to create research decentralized centers in every country.

iHealth stands for Intelligent Health, and is a new crypto venture started with the objective to aid medical research and medical institutions. It is the first decentralized blockchain platform which is dedicated to bring innovation in the medical field. The decentralized, BEP-20 based crypto token will sponsor medical research companies to research and study new medical diseases and prepare medicines for fatal diseases such as cancer.

The research conducted under the iHealth platform will be accessible to public and private medical centers, researchers, research centers, and the general public. iHealth plans to create research decentralized centers in every country so that every centre will communicate with each other and conduct research together. Opening research centres in each country will ensure that the research centre of that location conducts research for local diseases.

“iHealthToken is the world’s first decentralized medical platform, operating on Blockchain with smart contracts, boosting medical research and adding innovations in the medical and biomedical field,” said a spokesperson from iHealth Token.

iHealth will benefit the society and the medical research field immensely. A decentralized platform will ensure that in the future no lobby or big corporation intervenes and slows down the advancement in the medical field. Also everyone will be able to access research information.

iHealth also offers a plethora of benefits to the token holders. It allows easy creation of wallets for holders and allows them to access private sections on the web. A holder can easily join private discord servers and also contact all team members via their email, discord server, and virtual conferences.

30,000,000 (30 Million) tokens is the total supply of iHealth Token and it can be easily brought from an exchange like Pancakeswap. iHealth is a one-of-a-kind platform that aims to bring the best of health care and cryptocurrency together.
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