Introducing Flexsion’s Newly Launched Running Pack

Flexsion is excited to announce their latest innovation: a technologically-advanced running pack. The Flexsion Running Belt Waist Pack is complete with six LED-lights, secure enclosures, a headphone port, and more.

With the fall running season just picking up, Flexsion has launched its LED-lit Running Belt Waist Pack, providing unparalleled safety and convenience.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s latest report revealed an unsettling trend: a dramatic increase in pedestrian-vehicle deaths. These pedestrian crashes make up around fourteen percent of all automotive deaths.(1) This trend only increases the importance of safety precautions for everyone, whether a casual jogger or dedicated athlete. To help remedy this issue, Flexsion, an esteemed sports gear supplier, has just released its Running Belt Waist Pack, fully equipped with six ultra-bright, green LEDs alongside a variety of other gadgets. Flexsion has taken every step to make their waist pack the most technologically advanced while maintaining an affordable price range.

The Flexsion Running Belt Waist Pack features a variety of zippered pockets, securing phones, cash, wallets, keys, and more. With securely enclosed sections, runners can jog at any pace without fear of dropping valuables, and remain free from the annoying bouncing that comes with less stable products. Through a fully adjustable velcro waistband, the Flexsion Running Belt Waist Pack works perfectly with waists ranging from 28” to 48”. The running belt also accommodates an array of phone sizes, fitting everything from the tiny original iPhone to the gargantuan iPhone 6+ with ease.

Another focus of the Flexsion Running Belt Waist Pack is innovation. With green LED lights, the low-light conditions of those morning-dew runs are perfectly illuminated without blinding the eyes. The running pack even includes a headphone port, allowing the wearer to enjoy their favorite workout song while pushing through that last mile. As a side benefit the Flexsion Running Belt Waist Pack is made of completely waterproof Lycra fabric, ensuring not even sweat can stop a workout.

Aside from innovation stands affordability. Today Flexsion is giving customers ten percent off when they order through Amazon using promo code “4MGWDZ3W”, making their already reasonable prices even cheaper. Additionally, every running belt comes with a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee, meaning if a client is unhappy with their product for any reason, they will receive a full refund. These values of innovation, accommodation, and affordability come together to make the Flexsion Running Belt Waist Pack the most advanced, secure, and practical running gadget around.

About Flexsion

Flexsion was founded by a team of ambitious athletes in 2015 with the goal of providing innovative and high-quality products to the masses. Through a commitment to every client, Flexsion has grown to become a respected name among both avid runners and dabbling joggers. Together Flexsion hopes to change the way the public looks at the world through an arsenal of sports and outdoorsman accessories.

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