Introducing Cure Ex: an at home nail fungus laser treatment Available 11/01/2015 is launching a new product: a small portable device for nail fungus treatment, the device is using low level laser therapy. The Cure Ex - Nail Fungus Laser Treatment will be available 11/01/2015. More information can be found at

Customers looking for the latest Cure Ex – Nail Fungus Laser Treatment will be able to purchase it at is a worldwide exclusive authorized distributer of the Cure Ex!

Cure Ex is a portable, self-treating, a home medical device for curing fungal infection of the nail (Onychomycosis). The Cure Ex Laser uses low level laser therapy, which combines pulse laser radiation and blue light energy which was found to influence nail fungus in the most effective way. Causing the fungus to recover and disappear. This are great news for the consumer looking for a home device treating nail fungus, the device is a technological breakthrough; it provides impressive results in just 4 weeks!

The short laser pulses penetrate deep into the tissue while at the same time the blue light affect only the outer surface of the nail. The use of the laser while treating nail fungus is to induce the formation of ATP molecules increased, both chambers nail bed (skin beneath the nail fungus growing on it) and cell fungus itself so as to prevent fungal reinfection.

ATP molecules are energy-rich molecules that allow the existence of a variety of life processes within the cell. The laser beam emitted from the Cure-Ex provides energy that accelerates the production of ATP molecules in the nail bed cells and fungal cells. Once the nail bed cells continue to receive supply of organic raw materials, the effected fungus cells fail to absorb the amount of raw materials Organic necessary to sustain them, they do not make enough ATP, and that is the beginning of a healing process of the nail fungus disease.

There are 2 processes at the same time: Accelerated growth of healthy nail cells in the treated area, along with destruction of nail fungus cells. The use of blue light in treating nail fungus is actually to prevent future infection by destroying the fungus cells found on the outer surface of the nail. Therefore it will also prevent affecting other nails/area. It is very important to use it on a daily and ongoing basis in order to get effective results.

Only a daily use will destroy the organic raw materials fungus cells and damage normal production of ATP molecules, which will eventually destroy the nail fungus and efficiently cure onychomycosis. Customers who buy Cure-Ex should enjoy this feature because Cure Ex will treat nail fungus infections (Onychomycosis) without the need of using any medications or ointments.

With the Cure Ex costumers can get quick results, it is a low cost solution and the costumer can use it in the privacy of home. With the Cure-ex nail fungus suffers will be notice amazing results as short as the 4th week of use! Of course, the severity of the fungus may increase the healing slightly, but once the infected nail receives daily treatment they will have clean, aesthetic and beautiful nails! Customers will likely appreciate this because they can move the device from one infected nail to the other without any concern. Due to the blue light in the cure ex which is known for its abilities to destroy bacteria, it is safe to move the device from one nail to another.

Mike Barnea, the CEO of, when asked about Cure-Ex said: “Laser radiation will penetrate the infected nail plate and will target causative pathogens residing on the nail bed, improving nail health and aesthetic appearance. The treatment is non-invasive, effective, low cost, no side effects, safe, easy and painless! Just 7 minutes a day to have beautiful and healthy nails!”

Mike Barnea is particularly excited about this release because Cure Ex treatment has significant advantages over other treatment options of nail fungal infections. Cure Ex laser treatment is a cost-efficient alternative, effective and easy to apply, with no associated medical risks and no side effects.

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