Introducing a One-of-a-Kind Full Service Design and Construction Firm: pinkSTONE

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pinkSTONE is a new full-service design and construction company that brings a different approach to design. It is the only company needed for designing and building modern properties with a high-end look, without the expensive price.

A new full-service design and construction company has launched, bringing an approach to design that’s unlike any other. pinkSTONE is the only company needed for designing and building contemporary-style properties that have a high-end look and feel, without the expensive price. pinkSTONE takes the guesswork out of the entire design and build process and leaves its clients with a modern design they love.

pinkSTONE takes a different approach to design so that its customers can have the luxury homes they dream of without the high price tag. The company finds new, innovative ways to achieve the modern designs clients want for less money through value engineering. Value engineering allows the company to provide the same quality and design its clients want at a lower cost. Everything pinkSTONE does involves an engineer, which helps the company work around high costs and ensures success with their builds.

“pinkSTONE’s approach to design is a lot different than the competition,” said Rebekah Morlock, founder of pinkSTONE. “pinkSTONE looks at trying to do something new and different and keep it within our clients’ budgets, so that they have something that no one else has, but they didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it.”

Another thing that sets pinkSTONE apart is that everything is done in-house. Instead of working with 5-6 professionals from different companies, clients will be working with just one team of experts — pinkSTONE. Combined, pinkSTONE has more than 35 years of experience. pinkSTONE is with its clients throughout the entire process, from start to finish. The company takes clients all the way from concept to completion, handling everything from the interior design to the architectural and structural demands of the project.

pinkSTONE specializes in everything from single family homes to commercial builds. The company’s most recent project is Tennessee Shine Company in Sevierville, TN. What started as an old building evolved into a new, modern structure that’s unlike any other building in the area. Although based in East Tennessee, pinkSTONE is open to working with clients across the United States.

Building a new home comes with a lot of unknowns, and pinkSTONE’s job is to take out the guesswork in the building process. The company helps its clients navigate through local jurisdictions and takes the stress out of the situation. When working with pinkSTONE, clients can expect forward-thinking designs, great quality at a lower price, and the convenience of working with only 1 team of professionals.

The launch of the pinkSTONE brand is the start of a new way to design and build homes. The goal is to help customers get their dream luxury homes for a price they can afford. For more information about pinkSTONE, visit

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