vs TikTok Resumes – Video Resumes are here to stay announced it would be taking on TikTok Resumes with its Video Resume Free Platform for both recruiters and job seekers to find each other using videos. is excited to be taking on TikTok Resumes with its Video Resume Recruitment Platform. This is going to be of real benefit to all Recruiters and Job Seekers in the Sales, Retail and Hospitality Space and should be an exciting development for those looking for a place to meet 30 candidates in 15 minutes.

More information can be discovered at, a popular Video Resume Free Platform online, has resolved to make a strong push to be renowned for its Video Resumes and establish itself as the go-to choice for tech-savvy recruiters who are bored of paper CVs and are searching for a place to meet 30 candidates in 15 minutes – who might otherwise typically choose TikTok Resumes.

“We are so ready to take on TikTok and be the Go-To platform for video resumes”, Ellie Dailey, Founder at, says: “We set out to provide free 30-second Video Resumes as part of a shareable professional profile for candidates, and now we’re making a fundraising effort to investors because we recognize that it’s high time we embraced Video Resumes as part of a robust recruitment strategy.” has always made a point of trying to do things better than other Video Resume Platforms online for the sake of the job-seeker. This seed raise is in order to improve the current technology and build a team to support the client and candidate base.

Intro30 is also extremely proud of empowering candidates to be more than just their resumes and feels this is one of the main reasons customers have gone with them over TikTok Resumes for 3 years. Intro30 is launching in the UK in Jan 2022.

This is a great chance for the folks who seek A place to meet 30 candidates in 15 minutes to try out the new Video Resume Platform for free provided by – and this goes for both new and existing customers, who will always be served with total dedication.

Ellie Dailey also said: “ may not be the first to have done this, but we all feel we’re doing it the best, so it’s my prediction recruiters will keep choosing us over TikTok Resumes, because we know recruitment, we fight for fair opportunities for candidates, and we have the infrastructure behind the tech to support a full marketplace of candidates. We are a scrappy start-up, with expertise and a plan, looking for seed funding to rebuild and relaunch our product that will make both the businesses and the candidates achieve their recruitment goals.”

More info about and their Video Resumes can be discovered at

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