Into the World of the Thrilling Room Escape Games

Escape Room Mobile Philly games have become a unique experience for everyone who has tried it so far. Escape rooms are popping-up everywhere.

Escape Room games Philadelphia have become a unique experience for everyone who has tried it so far. Escape rooms are popping-up everywhere. Many people, both young and old, have experience the fun and excitement of solving a series of puzzles with 60 minutes, in order to escape the room. Wondering what the experience is like? Read through to get an idea of the world inside the room escape games.

Ten years ago, there was no such thing as an Escape the Room Philly game or facility. Within the last few years there has been exponential growth in the industry. In this day and age, one will come across many people who absolutely love escape games and there is a reason why. Room escape games have become popular and as days go by, they are becoming a popular choice for groups of all kinds like a family fun day; hang out with friends, an office group activity or just for a fun and exciting day.

What are Escape Rooms?

Escape games were initially available online only. One would find them for the pc or a mobile app. However, escape games have now take the step into reality. One can now have a real life experience of escape games by going to a facility that hosts escape the room games.

Or better yet, have an Escape the Room Party at a venue; a home, office, hotel, club, etc. This concept has been devised by TrappedMobile at

The concept is pretty easy to understand and simple. A group of players are locked inside a room and they need to find a way to escape before the time limit is up. On their journey of escape, they will face hurdles like mazes, puzzles, clues, codes and others for which they need to find a solution.

How Escape Games Rock?

Nowadays, one will find a lot of things in escape rooms when playing. Here are some of the things that one may find:

Various Themes- The hottest and newest theme is Escape the DaVinci Code? Or maybe a haunted house escapes. Maybe a dream of escaping from a zombie house or an asylum is the theme that inspires the group. Just search and one will find the theme that is desired. Sound and Visual Effects- Room escapes are highly equipped with features of advanced sound and visual effects. Exciting and thrilling- the concept of time limit makes the game even more fun and exciting. The players have 60 minutes to get out of the room.Suitable for all- Everyone can take part in this game, young and old alike. One can plan a day out with friends or family or coworkers. Available at one’s Door step- Escape games are available at one’s door step, be it a home, office building, hotel, club or any venue.

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