Intesi! Resources Releases The Ultimate Guide to DiSC Profiles

Intesi! Resources has just released The Ultimate Guide to DiSC Profiles, a helpful guide for the personal assessment tool.

Hundreds of organizations, from small companies to government facilities and Fortune 500 corporations, have used personal assessment programs such as DiSC Profiles to help them gain insight about potential and current employees. Intesi! Resources has just released The Ultimate Guide to DiSC Profiles for companies and individuals.

Intesi! Resources' Ultimate Guide includes everything new users need to understand the DiSC Assessment Process and the resulting profiles, said Steve Giles. It details the differences among the various types of DiSC Profile options and lists the top 15 uses for the instruments, ranging from employee hiring and communication to salesforce training and honing leadership skills. The Guide also details available training kits, including workplace and management training.

DiSC Profiles are designed to provide users with a measure for how they act and respond in certain environments, giving valuable insights into their own actions as well as those of others. These assessments prove not only invaluable for employers looking to evaluate current and potential employees, but also in helping leaders and business professionals recognize their strengths and potential challenges they face in their paths to success.

The goal is to then demonstrate to the user not only what motivates them but also leaves them feeling stressed, and teach them the steps they can take to adapt their behavior to avoid those situations. The profile report results can then help in teaching individuals how to foster better creative and constructive interactions in group situations, and build a more effective workplace, said a company spokesperson.

You will learn better ways of responding to and dealing with conflict, but you will also learn exactly what motivates you,” says Steve Giles. “At the same time, the report feedback will show you what sort of things leave you stressed out and how you can adapt to stop this from happening. Learning to adapt to the stress can result in more successful interactions, and a more effective workplace.

Many companies have already made great use of DiSC Assessments in improving the quality of their customer service, as well as helping build better managers and more productive sales teams, said Steve Giles. DiSC Profiles are designed to be self-administered and self-interpreted, so even individuals can take the assessments on their own and find great benefit from the results.

You don't have to change yourself, who you are or what you stand for,” Steve Giles said, “but if everybody makes a few concessions, team work and communication will be greatly improved.

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