Interpreting/Caption Service Agency Management Automated Platform Launched

New York - Eclipse (609-948-0000) updates its management software for interpreting and caption provider agencies. The all-in-one control center offers industry-specific features.

Eclipse, the first comprehensive management platform for interpreting and caption service agencies in New York, announces its updated software solution. The latest iteration further simplifies the dashboard so users can easily integrate multiple systems to manage their companies with a single login.

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The updated software continues the mission of the platform to be an all-in-one control center for interpreting and caption service agencies. It has several industry-specific features that allow companies to focus on their business without worrying about intake requests or payment collection.

Recent marketing studies project the interpreting industry to strengthen in the new few years. Analysts attribute this to more businesses operating on a global scale or wanting to be more accessible to a wider audience.

Eclipse fills this gap in the market and offers specific functions for robust interpreting and caption service management.

Part of its updates includes automated notifications that update providers with more than 50 unique texts and emails. The notifications cover a wide range of topics, from available appointments to expiring credentials. Companies may further customize the automated notifications to match their branding.

Eclipse is capable of creating real-time analysis reports that detail growth trends and projections, auto-assigning qualified providers to new service requests, and allowing users to use embeddable forms in its system.

Provider applications can likewise be embedded into Eclipse for faster screening, interviewing, and on-boarding of new interpreters and caption providers.

To celebrate its updated software, Eclipse is offering a free customized demo for interested clients.

A satisfied client wrote, “Eclipse has transformed how our agency manages interpreting services. The system collects customer feedback and even allows consumers to pick their favorite or least favorite providers, all without having to contact us. We easily save one to two hours a day with this platform.”

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