Internet Risks For Children – Cyberbullying Protection Strategies Report Launch

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MamaBee LLC, a website focused on sharing information and advice for parents and women, has released a report detailing how to protect children from internet dangers.

The latest report informs that although the internet is an excellent tool for education, entertainment, and social purposes, not every website provides the safe and supportive environment that children need. Parents should be proactive and establish rules to help protect their children from harmful content and ensure they can navigate the internet safely on their own.

More information can be found at How to Protect Your Family from Internet Dangers

MamaBee LLC’s new “How to Protect Your Family from Internet Dangers” explains that when children encounter negative or inappropriate content online, it can affect their physical and mental state in the real world. Various risks exist on the internet, including identity theft, scams, cyberbullying, viruses, inappropriate videos, violence, and predators.

Social media can present its own set of issues and overuse in children can typically lead to anxiety, depression, isolation, poor self-esteem, inadequate sleep, and ineffective time management.

According to the report, blocking dangerous content is an essential step to ensure children are protected. This can be accomplished with parental control software and by setting up parental controls on every device with web access such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. The parent should also activate “SafeSearch” on Google to prevent unwanted photos, videos, or websites from appearing on their search results. Additionally, the parent should also control how long their children are allowed on the internet.

The report’s author also brings to light the importance of protecting children from cyberbullying by reporting and blocking individuals who are sending hateful comments to their children. Parents also need to have a discussion with their children to ensure they understand not to share any personal information with strangers, including their full name, home address, or phone numbers.

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