Internet Expert Releases Secrets to Long-Term Online Success Using "3 Pillars" Formula

Online marketing expert Ivan Ho details what he calls the “Three Pillars” that make Internet marketing success possible and its importance for long-term, sustainable profits.

The lucrative field of Internet marketing has paved the way for online success. Leveling the field for all businesses across various industries, marketing online enables entrepreneurs the competitive edge that, prior to the emergence of the internet, was once unattainable. As with any venture, online marketing hinges on certain principles that are vital to the attainment of business goals. Most strategies that people teach are dependent on results from search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Ivan Ho, a celebrated success in the Internet marketing arena, talks about the components for lasting, long-term profits of an online business – without necessarily having to depend on SERPs. Ivan's very own OMT Wired Up, the online resource for successful online business, lays out the practical steps to ensuring that business owners are implementing the three basic yet commonly overlooked proven methods.

According to Ivan Ho, a highly successful online business plan is not without the key elements aptly called the Three Pillars: traffic, monetization and audience. There is good money online that can be obtained through the first two pillars of generating traffic and monetizing it. Without the third, however, sustaining momentum over time can be difficult.

"The third pillar is the crown jewel to online wealth. This is the golden egg for most big online gurus you hear about," says Ivan Ho, emphasizing that traffic is difficult to maintain and highly inconsistent. “Offers that are being promoted to bring traffic can lose popularity and new competitors can be expected to arise, ultimately resulting to a drop in conversion rate,” he adds.

Ivan Ho adds that, essential as they are, the Three Pillars are illustrative of a triangle that should have "content" in its center.

"Content is the fuel that drives your online success. Content attracts the traffic. Content keeps the traffic on your site. Content converts your traffic into your buyers. It will establish you as an authority and earn you trust from your visitors," Ivan explains.

While there can be difficulties in navigating through the maze of Internet marketing, Ivan Ho highly suggests the implementation of the Three Pillars, and production of quality content that will provide a vehicle into the future.

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Ivan Ho the host of OMT Wired Up "Online Money Talks" is an online tutorial platform that teaches people how to make money online with their ideas using Social Media, Blogging, SEO, Email Marketing and other Internet Strategies. A free copy of his ebook "25 Magic Rules To Online Success" is available on his website.

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