International Travel Hotspots Must-See Overseas Destinations Report Launched

Experienced international traveler and travel guide Andrew M. Berke launched a new report on some of this year’s best international destinations, including a less know European Mediterranean country.

Travel expert Andrew M. Berke launched a new report on some of this year’s best international travel hotspots. Aiming to take the reader away from the beaten track and help them explore some unique destinations, the online resource is based on Andrew’s experience and recently-published information by some of the world’s most prestigious travel experts. Additionally, the report also includes one vacation idea which Andrew considers may not be worth its high costs.

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Finding the next vacation destination can be challenging for many, with the internet offering a wide range of recommendations in areas throughout the world. The new report by Andrew M. Berke suggests some less traveled destinations that might just surprise the tourist looking for a new place to visit in 2019.

According to the report, knowing which destinations not to visit is just as important as knowing where to go: “under normal circumstances, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll cross off every personal bucket-list destination before the hurdles of international travel become too much for you to handle. Age, budget and available free time simply can’t stand up against the wide world in which we live. That’s why travel guide Andrew M. Berke would like to share with you recently-published information about locations that you must see — and others that might not be worth the trip.”

Among the most interesting destinations in 2019 is Croatia, a less known Mediterranean country with a superb European architecture, attractive weather, and accessibly priced housing options.

Andrew also suggests that Canada can be an attractive place to go to – and while Toronto or Montreal may be the first cities that come to mind, Prince Edward Island can be just as exciting.

Finally, the report also recommends Japan as another attractive destination in 2019.

Interested parties can find the full report – and expert tips on which international destination to avoid – by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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