International Funeral Shipping Services Provided to Queens, New York

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International Funeral Service of New York ships all over the world. This firm is a leading expert in all the necessary documentation required for international shipping

More people want to return a loved one to the family homeland after the loved one’s demise, so many funeral homes now offer worldwide mortuary shipping services. When one is looking for a firm to handle this complicated and potentially confusing task, ensure that the funeral director will keep the family updated during the entire process of shipping and delivery. The funeral professional should be detail-oriented, experienced, and work in a cost-conscious manner. Oftentimes, a funeral home will quote the family a prohibitive price to ship the departed loved one abroad, so be sure to shop around. The difference in prices could be in the thousands. Make certain that the amount the family is billed is for a complete ship out with no added charges.

Find a funeral home that will make all air travel arrangements for the deceased and that is a Known Shipper, meaning that it has a well-established working relationship with the airline carriers and will be allowed to ship human physical remains with them. These types of funeral homes are often able to procure discounted rates and can check flight availability quickly, as time is of the essence when transporting a body.

It takes a significant level of practical experience to enable a funeral provider to understand the intricacies of overseas funeral shipping. International Funeral Service of New York, Inc. is knowledgeable about the regulations, restrictions, and protocols involved and how they vary by country and will go far in keeping costs down and eliminating the duplication of work and expense. There are funeral directors who are specifically trained in strategic transportation planning and are well-versed in making this challenging and stressful situation easier on the family. Find a funeral director who will coordinate with the funeral home or agent of the families choosing in the destination country to provide a seamless, efficient and timely service. If one plans to have a funeral service here as well as in a foreign country, ask if the funeral provider utilizes special preservation techniques that will maintain the appearance and presentation of the deceased for a longer period.

For the family’s international funeral shipping needs, it is also recommended that one uses a funeral home that directly works with the consulate and embassy in the receiving nation. This will help to expedite the repatriation of the loved one to their land of origin because the funeral director will be able to obtain all the required paperwork for shipment quickly. When there is a language issue, use a funeral home that will translate and notarize the documentation.

In relation to global mortuary shipping, the family should be as prepared as possible. Please consider pre-planning for this situation.

Also, decide if the family wants to inter the loved one’s remains or have him or her cremated. If the family selects cremation, it will be less expensive to ship the ashes to another country because they are much lighter in weight than casketed remains. Above all, find a funeral home that is trustworthy, has the family’s full confidence and that one can depend upon to handle all details during the family’s time of need. Families want a funeral director that will treat one’s deceased family member with quality care, respect, and compassion. He or she should prioritize the dignity of the loved one, not only arranging for the transfer of the departed from the funeral parlor to the airport, but also ensuring proper supervision as the family’s deceased is placed on the craft. It is important to find a funeral provider who will accommodate the family’s religion, customs, and traditions, as well.

International Funeral Service of New York ships all over the world. As world-renowned experts in funeral shipping, International Funeral Service of New York process all the necessary documentation required by the different consulates for international shipping in a timely manner. International Funeral Service of New York organization was created for this purpose and this experience enables International Funeral Service of New York to keep costs down and work as efficiently as possible. has been servicing families as well as funeral homes nationwide for years. As International Funeral Service of New York continues to build out their website adding countries and cites all over the world, families can rest assured that they to their country. If one does not find their city on this page, call International Funeral Service of New York at (718) 282-0666 for great prices and support to one’s final destination.

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