International Courier Services Company Launches New Solutions For Manufacturers

International courier services company, GEM Worldwide based near London, has announced the provision of custom solutions for the manufacturing sector. Knowing that their deliveries are fully taken care of, enables manufacturers to run their operations smoothly and profitably and focus on what they do best.

GEM Worldwide Limited has launched value adding services designed to support manufacturing companies working to tight deadlines for their shipments and exports. Through working closely with their existing manufacturing customers, the company has been able to design custom solutions to meet the needs and demands of manufacturers. The industry works to tight deadlines with urgent timescales for fulfilment, as experts in the sector GEM Worldwide are able to design custom solutions for manufacturing customers, and provide advice and insights which go well beyond the standards expected from a logistics company. The international courier services company serves many manufacturers across the UK, Europe, Asia and USA.

The Company Spokesperson stated “In addition to understanding manufacturing customer’s requirements and objectives, we are able to provide complete solutions that enable them to run their operations smoothly and profitably. Essentially manufacturers want to be able to focus on what they do best, in the comfort of knowing that their deliveries are fully taken care of.”

Manufacturers are also able to book their deliveries online, which can range from: next day, pre 9 am, next working day, or 2-3 day delivery. These options allow manufacturers to choose their preferred delivery timescale, according to their day by day, delivery by delivery requirements. This ensures smooth delivery of time critical orders and stock to their end customers and distributors. Manufacturing businesses are also able to track their shipments fully in transit through real time monitoring.

In addition to the fulfilment of manufacturer’s products, GEM Worldwide also import and export production materials, components, sensitive, fragile and urgent shipments to arrive on time and in perfect condition. Many of the company’s customers import from global locations and require co-ordinated deliveries to arrive on schedule so that production can run efficiently and profitably. Country and customs insights enable the company to advise on correct procedures ensuring the smooth running of import and export operations.

The company provides freight services, domestic & international shipping and logistics, and import and export services. The company also provides fulfilment services, which includes pick pack ship services from its base near Heathrow Airport, London. The company also has dedicated routes between the UK and Singapore.

The Company Spokesperson added “Manufacturers seeking to improve fulfilment of their orders with customised solutions that meet their company and objectives, can contact GEM Worldwide to discuss their requirements.”

Release ID: 253988