International Bestseller Helps Real Estate Developers Overcome Opposition

Katie Coates, author and consultant helps her clients get approval for their development projects. Download a free pdf of the international bestseller “Yes Vote”-

Real estate developers have a new tool in their arsenal in the form of the international bestseller “Yes Vote: The Public Hearing Plan for Developers.” With high-level strategies and details on overcoming the challenges of building community support and prevailing over opposition.

Katie Coates, author, developed the strategies in “Yes Vote: The Public Hearing Plan for Developers” over the course of 20 years of working with real estate developers to obtain consent from the decision makers.

“I’ve focused on building support in the communities in which developers want to build. This helps them get the ear of decision makers and enables them to obtain approvals at their town board, city council, or planning commission,” says Katie Coates, author.

The book has been called “an invaluable resource for real estate developers” that helps readers “influence decision makers of any kind.”

“I help my clients develop the specific strategy that works to overcome opposition and build community support,” says Katie. “My clients have gotten approval for their projects at dozens of public hearings.” says Katie Coates, consultant, author, and speaker.

Katie Coates has worked with developers for more than 20 years and helps her real estate developer clients get approval at public hearings – at the city, regional, and state-agency levels. Clients who follow Katie’s Approval Plan process have a better than 95% success rate at their public hearings.

“Yes Vote: The Public Hearing Plan for Developers” has become a bestseller on Amazon in the US and Japan. It will be available in bookstores later this year.

Developers can download a free pdf copy of the internationally bestselling book Yes Vote: The Public Hearing Plan for Developers, by Katie Coates, author, which is currently available as an e-book on Amazon for $9.99 and will be available in bookstores later this year at $16.99.

Katie Coates is available for consulting and speaking opportunities.

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