Intermittent Fasting Benefits Ketosis Beginner Weight Loss Guide Launched

A new guide for sustainable weight loss aimed at beginners and people new to intermittent fasting and ketosis has been launched by leading online health platform Health Yorker.

Health Yorker, a leading health and fitness platform, has launched a new comprehensive guide on the benefits of intermittent fasting to trigger ketosis for sustainable weight loss.

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The newly launched guide is aimed at people who want to lose weight sustainably and for the long-term. It provides information on intermittent fasting to support ketosis, which is a metabolic state that can help the body to naturally stabilize blood sugar levels.

Many people struggle to lose weight, which can lead to feeling depressed, anxious and stressed. This vicious cycle can cause people to gain more weight, rather than lose it. Focusing on intermittent fasting can help to burn fat, encourage weight loss and help people create healthy habits for life.

Intermittent fasting for beginners is covered within the comprehensive guide, which discusses weight reduction. The expert team behind Health Yorker understand entering the Keto-diet world can be intense for beginners, so the team aims to simplify the process.

Adding an element of intermittent fasting to any diet and exercise regime can speed up the weight reduction process by encouraging the body to quickly burn excess fat stores. Ketosis, when utilized effectively, can help the body to process foods efficiently while burning stored fat.

Ketosis can be achieved by following a strict plan such as the Keto-diet. A typical breakdown of an effective diet might include 80% of calories coming from fats, 15% from proteins and 5% from carbs. In most modern diets, carbs are the largest food group consumed, which has caused a spike in obesity around the world.

A company spokesperson said: “We understand losing weight is never easy. Regardless of why people put weight on, it requires commitment and dedication to get back into shape.”

“We’ve launched a new guide designed to help people lose weight sustainably and for the long-term by implementing readily available tools that work. We know it can seem like a daunting prospect, but techniques such as intermittent fasting have the potential to change lives,” they added.

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