Intercept Marketing Makes Automated Email, Social and Mobile Leads Easy for SMBs

Livechime announced the availability of their new small business marketing products called "Intercept Marketing" today, including automated Email, Social and Mobile lead generation beginning June 15, 2015. More information can be found at

Marketing automation is growing faster than any other form of CRM. A full sixty five (65%) of businesses beat their competition through marketing automation today, but at starting prices of $2,000/month, it has been out of reach of most small business. Now at under $150/month, Intercept Marketing, which offers innovative automated Email, Social and Mobile marketing for small business, promises to change that.

Today Tod Turner, CEO at Livechime, released details of Intercept Marketing’s development after more than a year and a half under wraps. Designed to appeal specifically to small and local businesses nationwide – the little guys – whose business can benefit by promotion on the Internet, it includes many features not found in even the expensive systems today:

A new LeadFinder technology that detects buying signals and finds new prospects in social media. Marketing in social media can be very time consuming and most small businesses don’t do it well. They waste tons of time. This technology automatically finds opportunities, and keeps a company in front of prospects until they are ready to buy. This is great news for the small business owners as they have limited time and limited budgets. By finding opportunities, owners are free to focus on other aspects of the business, like closing sales and delivering products and services. Or taking a day off.

Intercept Marketing also contains patented interactive technology that converts the highest possible number of visitors into leads. Since the number one problem for small businesses is finding new customers and getting them to their website, using the built-in video greetings, and click to call and chat technology, up to 5x as many visitors can be turned into sales. Business owners who buy Intercept Marketing should enjoy this feature because this drives down the cost of each new customer, meaning more marketing budget is available to grow sales even faster, or to spend somewhere else.

The customer nurturing technology automatically stays in touch with prospects until they turn into sales and customers. Livechime made sure to make this part of the Intercept Marketing. They say small businesses have a tough time staying on top of follow-up. Our customer nurturing system automatically emails a prospect with a welcome email, build the mailing list, and sends monthly newsletters – all on autopilot. It sends mobile offers to any smart phone. It can ‘remember’ visitors after their first time, and automaticallly display company ads to them any time they go anywhere on Google of Facebook. Business owners will really appreciate this because most prospects need to see a company name 10-15 times before they purchase. Intercept Marketing, through email, and pinpoint ads keeps the company right in front of them all the way.

Tod Turner, when asked about Intercept Marketing said:

“Our goal was to take away the mystery of marketing, and make it easy to get the basics done with all the automation tools available today. For years, small business couldn’t compete with big business advertising budgets and their experts. Between the product and the processes we have developed to get people started, Intercept Marketing is a must-have for every small business, whether it’s real estate or insurance agents, chiropractors, contractors, home-based businesses, or anyone who sells or promotes their business online.”

This is Livechime’s 5th release of a new product. CEO Tod Turner is particularly excited about this release because Intercept marketing is going to revolutionize the way small businesses think about marketing. By automating all basic marketing functions of social, mobile and email marketing, business owners do not have to learn internet marketing, or hire expensive experts. More importantly, automation drives down the cost of leads, and nobody wants to work nights and weekends searching for customers if they don’t have to.

Through innovation and new technology, the price has come down to where ANY small business can afford Intercept Marketing. AT under $150/month, any small business can now have the same advantages the big companies have. More importantly, they can see immediate results.

Said Turner “I’ve been designing software for 20 years – over 100 products – and this is by far the best product we’ve ever done. Our goal was to level the playing field for small businesses to compete with big business and big ad budgets. I can’t imagine having a small business and not having this running in the background, no matter what else you are doing. We’re using it ourselves with tremendous success. It really is a game-changer. In fact, we believe in it so strongly we’ve offered a 100% subscription guarantee, and a full concierge set-up service. We can’t wait to get it into the hands of small and home-based businesses and watch what happens.”

Those interested in learning more about the business can do so on the business website at

Those interested in seeing a demo of how Intercept Marketing works can go directly to the product listing, here:

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