Interactive Sports App Seeks Sports Fans for Beta Test Opportunity

Sports Fans looking for a product to address Interacting with live sporting events can sign up for the United Games beta to get early access and help shape development.

United Games has a limited number of beta slots available for Sports Fans interested in Interactive Sports App. Their new product United Games is being built from the ground up and the company is seeking feedback from qualified candidates.

Interested potential beta testers can find out more about the product by visiting the website:

United Games has plans to incorporate several sought after features, including:

Real Time Predictions – Now family and friends can compete to predict how a play will result as the selected teams compete.

Social Interaction – Share fun a experience on the app or on Facebook.

Join Celebrity Leagues – Fans will have the opportunity to compete and interact with both celebrity’s and professional athletes both past and present.

Receive lifetime achievement points – Those points can be used for cool prizes.

Selected beta testers will be expected to give feedback on these features as well as other planned functionality.

Shawn Frasier, Local customer service professional, is eager to find the right match between United Games and Sports Fans. In particular,

“United Games is looking for practical feedback that will allow the company to make specific improvements to United Games. In exchange, Sports Fans will receive free access to the product. The company is also considering a special incentive plan to reward these early testers with special gifts and other benefits for helping to shape development.”

The Interactive sports app dose not currently have a name and is scheduled to be released in October 2016.

The first game released will be specifically for the NFL fan experience.

Never before has a fan had the chance to put themselves in the scenario of their favorite athletes.

The app will be promoted strictly through word of mouth / grass roots.

Qualified beta candidates can find out more and apply directly on the website,

Release ID: 130455