Interactive Puzzle Cat Feeder & Anti Gulping Slow Eating Bowl Launched On Amazon

The famous pet products store AïKiou announced that is best-selling interactive puzzle cat feeder, ideal for those who want their four-legged friend to slow down their meal time while staying sharp hunting for their food like nature intended, is now available on Amazon.

The acclaimed AïKiou store has announced that its highly coveted interactive puzzle cat feeder bowl made by pet behaviorists to recreate the hunting game, slow down meal time and keep any cat healthy, active and sharp is now available on Amazon.

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The AïKiou is a famous family owned pet supplies company drawing on a large team of vets, pet behaviorists and animal lovers to offer fellow cat, dog or hamster owners who truly care about their four-legged friend some of the most original, fun and health conscious toys or feeders in the market.

The store has announced that its highly coveted cat puzzle feeder imagined by pet behaviorists to recreate the fun, natural hunting experience that felines need to stay active and sharp while reducing the ingestion speed to avoid bloating, choking and regurgitation or intestinal problems is now available on Amazon.

Formed of a single base with two large flower openings, the feeder allows the owner to hide the food inside or underneath these openings and lets their feline hunt for his treats by grabbing them with the paws or pushing them to the surface. Additional flowers can be added at any time to increase the levels of difficulty and keep challenging the cat’s dexterity.

As with all AïKiou’s products, the slow feed cat bowl comes in multiple colors and is entirely handcrafted with durable, food safe and BPA/BHP free plastic that is safe, easy to wash and convenient for both the pets and their owners.

The Alexandre Tremblay, AïKiou’s president, explains that “nearly 60% of cats in the US will suffer from weight problems. This slow feed cat bowl helps keep our ones stay active and healthy. It keeps them entertained hunting for their food like nature intended while offering the challenge they need to slow down their meal time.”

More information on AïKiou, its diverse range of pet products and the highly popular interactive puzzle feeder bowl or how it can help control the food consumption of cats while keeping them sharp, entertained and active hunting for their treats is available at the website link provided above or at

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