Interactive Online Confidence in Reading Program For Children Aged 2-9 Launched

An interactive online reading program - Reading Head Start - has been launched. Aimed at children ages 2 to 9, it can help with reading, spelling, comprehension, and overall academic confidence.

An online interactive reading program has been launched aimed at children aged between two and nine. Reading Head Start is designed to provide a solution to the literacy crisis happening in schools today whereby children are not getting the attention required to support their development and reading skills.

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The newly launched interactive online program features easy and fun lessons that can help children who lack confidence or face reading difficulties. The team behind the program understand how concerning it can be for parents who may worry their children will be left behind academically.

Benefits of the program include improved comprehension, academic success, confidence, and an early reading advantage. In addition, it can provide children with a literacy foundation they may not achieve through today’s school systems. The educational program focuses on phonics as an educational method, which makes it ideal for young children, toddlers, pre-K, kindergarteners, and elementary-grade children.

Those with learning difficulties may also benefit from the interactive program as it offers learning games, resources, lessons, vowel sounds, and consonant sounds. It is an affordable program designed to alleviate the concerns of parents while also helping children who are struggling to read or dislike school because they feel left behind and are not engaged.

Developmental reading tactics and strategies are included and aim to encourage participants to find the fun in reading and overcome any blocks they may have due to negative experiences at school. Red flags that children may be falling behind in reading include anxiety about reading, difficulty understanding what they have just read, poor spelling and writing skills, and a lack of fluency when reading out loud.

A company representative said: “Children with reading difficulties do not have problems just in reading. Struggling readers will also have problems with related skills like vocabulary, spelling, and comprehension. They will struggle to keep up in their other core subjects too, because they will not be able to read the textbooks and literature provided.”

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