Interactive Fretboard Reveals Guitar Scales, Chords and Arpeggios Secrets

Fretpal ltd has defied convention in the guitar tuition market with the release of Fretpal Interactive - a unique and fully interactive guitar fretboard application with a fresh approach to guitar tuition. Further information can be found at

Earlier today, Fretpal Ltd finally announced the release of Fretpal Interactive – its new fully interactive Guitar fretboard application which has been in development for over 20 years.

The main objective of Fretpal Interactive is to change the way people learn how to play guitar, by showing them how to find and play chords, inversions, vertical and horizontal scales and arpeggios in any position on the guitar fretboard, and it does so, with lots of unique and exciting features…

Gordon, owner of Fretpal Ltd and creator of Fretpal Interactive says: “Fretpal Interactive takes a completely new approach to guitar fretboard training. Anyone familiar with normal guitar tutorials and guitar software applications will probably have noticed that they teach you the same vertical scale and arpeggio patterns over and over again. Too many people learn these same simple vertical patterns and often never try playing anything else. In fact, many only play one very easy vertical scale pattern, and then wonder why everything they play ends up sounding the same. This is a big problem, because to become a really great guitarist, players need to be able to play all over the guitar fretboard, both vertically and horizontally. Now, contrary to what a lot of guitar players think, it is not really that difficult to learn how to play these horizontal patterns. With Fretpal Interactive, everything is mapped out in an easy and colourful interface, allowing these new skills to be mastered in no time…”

Fretpal Interactive is a fully interactive guitar fretboard application in which every note has its own unique shape and colour – which makes learning the names of notes and their relative positions on the guitar fretboard simple, compared to the weeks, months or even years of frustration many people may have trying to memorise the fretboard in other ways. The shape and colour system is especially useful for students with learning difficulties such as dyslexia. However, Fretpal Interactive is a serious learning and reference tool for guitar players at all levels and not just for kids or beginners – even if somebody has played guitar for 50 years, they will probably find some scale, chord or arpeggio variation that they have never seen or thought of playing before.

Fretpal Interactive has many unique features. For example, its colourful and user-friendly interface. No other guitar application shows how to change scale patterns over chords in the same key, or how to play different vertical or horizontal scale patterns over chord changes in the same relative position or any other position on the guitar fretboard – and all within one mouse-click or tap.

Gordon also said “We want Fretpal Interactive to give new and seasoned guitar players complete mastery of the guitar fretboard – that is, to be able to play any chord, inversion, scale or arpeggio pattern in any position, vertically or horizontally on the guitar fretboard at will. With Fretpal Interactive, they have many fresh, new and exciting possibilities opened up to them. We want our customers to feel confident and accomplished in their guitar playing skills and to become great musicians. However, Fretpal Interactive has so many great features it’s impossible to mention them all here – the best way to appreciate everything it does is to download the free trial and see for yourself.”

Fretpal Ltd was established in January 2016 specifically to launch the brand new Fretpal Interactive application.

From the outset, Fretpal Interactive has always aimed to make learning how to play the guitar easier, whilst also providing its customers the best possible experience at the best possible value.

Experience it for yourself by downloading the free trial at

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