Interactive Animated Explainer Videos – Production Launch 2022

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The Explainer Video Company ((408)-780-8693) has launched its brand new custom interactive animated explainer video service for businesses and education for 2022

This leading animation company based in Texas is able to produce interactive animated explainer videos for any business. The newly announced service is perfect for advertising purposes or creating interactive educational videos.

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The Explainer Video Company has launched this program in order to produce high-quality, clean animations that have a higher chance of increasing conversion rates. Their smart technique system allows them to include interactive, attention-grabbing elements in the videos they produce, guaranteed to lead to better, longer engagement and an overall higher time-on-page.

Market research shows that the science of keeping customer attention is tricky and complex. Engagement rates are affected by a wide variety of factors; color theory, cultural context, personal preference, and even the time of day that the person visits the page all play a part. Most customers make a final decision on a product in only 90 seconds, meaning clean, snappy, front-page visual elements are a must for any product website.

Luckily for business owners, that is exactly the kind of content that is produced by this new service. Their studio can produce interactive videos in a wide variety of styles to ensure the content blends seamlessly with any website. They offer 2d and 3d motion graphics, whiteboard-style animations, and even live-action videos.

Selecting an appropriate style can be essential to determining the brand identity portrayed by the content, and therefore the team at The Explainer Video Company is happy to assist in this decision. Their consultants are available by phone at (408) 780-8693, or through their website.

The company has produced informational animations for industries like healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, and dozens of others. Their team uses its proprietary process to create each video which, based on an initial discovery call, determines the path that is best for each client and their industry.

The team at The Explainer Video Company has created over 5000 short videos using this method, specializing in content that ranges from 60-90 seconds. Their well-versed production team is capable of delivering content in a timely manner, and of incorporating client feedback in a desirable way.

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