IntelliTrack Releases Rapid Check In/Out for StratusCheckOut Application

IntelliTrack Inc. now offers a Rapid Check In/Out feature to increase the speed, efficiency and accuracy for checking out tools and equipment to employees.

IntelliTrack Inc., an industry leader in inventory software, has released a new feature for its StratusCheckOut application. Rapid Check In/Out enhances the app’s capacity for efficiently managing shared or circulating tools and equipment. A simple barcode scanner records and tracks the asset, the user and the transaction type.

Rapid Check In/Out is ideal for both manned and un-manned tool cribs, equipment rooms, and quartermaster supply areas. By leveraging barcodes to identify the inventory item, individual, and action, the user completes the transaction by simply pulling the trigger on an inexpensive and easy-to-use USB scanner a few times. There is no need to interact with a complicated touch screen, kiosk, or keyboard and mouse.

“Customer feedback has been very positive,” says Noel McKeon, IntelliTrack’s Business Development Manager. “The Rapid Check In/Out feature is simple and quick to use. It dramatically reduces the frustration of long lines of people waiting to receive, return or transfer the equipment needed for that day’s work.”

IntelliTrack Rapid Check In/Out guarantees increased efficiency and accuracy in tracking valuable inventory. Saving time and preventing loss of assets translate into financial improvements on the company’s bottom line.

Rapid Check In/Out is only one of many powerful and helpful features in the IntelliTrack StratusCheckOut application. StratusCheckOut is a powerful, easy-to-use, web-based system designed to help customers manage both rotational assets and consumable inventory. It collects and allows easy access to accurate, up-to-date, complete inventory data. The advantages of StratusCheckOut are numerous including:

* Rapid deployment throughout the organization

* Web based data collection with secure cloud storage

* Immediate access to product updates/new features

* Support included with each license

* Little to no capital investment in computer/server hardware

* Competitively priced with flexible payment options available.

With the Rapid Check In/Out feature, IntelliTrack continues to invest in cloud technology and offer its customers new and robust ways to control their inventory.

Release ID: 130932