IntelliTrack Releases Inventory Management Software in French

IntelliTrack Inc. Announces the French Language Version Release of its Cloud Based Software Solutions for Inventory Management.

IntelliTrack Inc. has released the French language version of its cloud based software solutions for inventory management. Responding to a need identified by Nuage Technologies, a trusted partner based in Montreal, IntelliTrack has delivered on its commitment to provide the Stratus line of products in multiple language formats.

The predominantly francophone workforce in the Province of Quebec has been waiting for state of the art inventory management technology to be available in French. Nuage Technologies is particularly pleased with IntelliTrack’s initiative. “This gives us a fantastic tool and a great product to aggressively market IntelliTrack inventory solutions in Quebec,” says Terry Miller, Director of Strategic Accounts for Nuage.

IntelliTrack recognizes the significance of a French language option for their cloud based tracking systems. This new capability is more than a simple translation. It features culturally appropriate and industry specific French terminology.

In developing a French version, IntelliTrack lost none of the product excellence that makes it an industry leader for inventory management. The Stratus product line is cost effective and flexible, comprised of multiple, inter-operable modules designed to help customers track items in a warehouse, consumable items, rotational assets, fixed assets, and physical inventories. The result is increased productivity with customers being able to make improved business decisions.

Miller expects Nuage Technologies to increase its market penetration for mobile field services and asset management. The francophone workforce will appreciate IntelliTrack’s smart solutions for tracking both consumable and fixed assets in all industries. StratusInventory and StratusStockroom track consumables. StratusCheckOut tracks circulating tools and equipment while StratusAssets tracks fixed equipment. The robust StratusISRP is scalable for efficiently managing any volume of order fulfillment in a small to medium-sized warehouse.

IntelliTrack is best of class in providing affordable, user friendly inventory management software. More than 25 years of corporate experience developing, implementing, and supporting barcode and RFID technology has positioned IntelliTrack’s professionals to work strategically with a reputable partner like Nuage Technologies to understand and respond to the need for software in French.

For more information on the French version of IntelliTrack Stratus products, check out the website or contact IntelliTrack.

Release ID: 109058