Intellectual Property Theft Protection Small Business & Startup Service Launched

Australian company LightYear Docs is now offering their NDA and confidentiality documents free of charge to help protect small businesses from intellectual property theft.

Australian company LightYear Docs have launched a free offer of their non-disclosure agreement and confidentiality agreement documents to help protect entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups from intellectual property theft. The company is a newly launched tax and legal documentation platform with a passion for protecting small companies against IP theft.

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Every day, corporations and even government bodies steal ideas, strategies and intellectual property from small businesses and entrepreneurs. Sometimes the theft is done by totally legal means, but it doesn’t mean it’s ethical.

Often times, a small business or entrepreneur will pitch their idea to a bigger company in hopes of funding, or give their ideas away in conversation or email in hopes of advancing their project. LightYear Docs does not agree with the unethical theft of ideas and is now offering their NDA and confidentiality agreement documents to small businesses and entrepreneurs free of charge.

LightYear Docs is a platform for businesses and entrepreneurs to find the right documentation for tax and legal purposes. The service is intended to save small businesses time and money that they would otherwise spend on hiring a lawyer to draft up confusing and often misleading contracts.

Available documents include RPA strategy packs, business and commercial agreements, documents for company setup, SMSF borrowing, SMSF income streams, estate planning, trusts and SMSF maintenance and upgrades.

The platform is powered by HotDocs, and intends to be the world’s most advanced legal, tax and super document creation engine. The platform offers full company registrations in minutes through the ASIC web services integration.

Customers can reduce in-house risk, increase accuracy and enhance compliance. The company offers a guaranteed reduction in staff time and costs per document produced. They offer standard documentation, plus market-leading strategy packs assembled in minutes. Documents can be executed in seconds with HelloSign, the world’s safest and most secure e-signing solution.

Interested customers can find more information, book a demo and get their free NDA and confidentiality agreement documents at the link above.

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