Integrative Medicine Academy Announces Toxicity Mastery Course to Begin Jan 23.

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Integrative Medicine Academy announced Toxicity Mastery Course will start January 23rd. Toxicity Mastery Course will teach health care professionals to treat toxicity in affected patients. The 9 module environmental toxicity treatment course includes live webinars, Q&A webinars, access to protocols, downloadable handouts and customizable documents.

Toxicity Mastery Course, an online medical training course offered by Integrative Medicine Academy, will start on January 23rd.

Environmental chemicals can have profound adverse health effects linked to chronic illnesses, including cardiovascular, immune, endocrine and neurological disorders and increased cancer risk. Unfortunately, conventional medicine often doesn’t understand the significant problem that chemical toxin exposures can have and the role they can play in many chronic health conditions. The Toxicity Mastery Course features clinically relevant, practical, and time efficient material for those looking treat environmental toxicity.

People know that mold and other environmental toxins are bad. But what is really known about these toxins and how the human body is affected? The National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease states “mold illness, mold exposure, mycotoxin poisoning, and lead poisoning are not well understood by the medical community at large.” The Integrative Medicine Academy’s Toxicity Mastery Course will train medical professionals to address these concerns.

Dr. Kurt Woeller and Dr. Tracy Tranchitella are two renowned Integrative Medicine physicians who have incorporated their collective 40 years of clinical practice into this online training course, so it may be easily understood and implemented in an accelerated time frame. The next course starts on January 23, 2019.

The Toxicity Mastery Course will teach physicians and other health care professionals to help treat toxicity in those patients who are affected. “Digestive system toxicity is often the cornerstone for many individual’s chronic health problems. Glyphosate and other environmental toxins can not only adversely affect systemic biochemistry, but they often first have their negative impact on the gut. Therefore, improving gut health is central to an integrative medicine approach for environmental toxins” says Dr. Tranchitella.

Previous Toxicity Mastery Course members have great praise for the course. “The has been incredibly informative! I would recommend it to any practitioner really wanting to understand HOW to implement toxicity treatment. Dr. Tranchitella’s command of the harmful toxins we are subject to on a daily basis is nothing short of wonderful,” said Dr. Janes.

The 9 module environmental toxicity treatment course includes live lessons webinars, live Q&A webinars, access to protocols, downloadable handouts and customizable documents.

The Toxicity Mastery course will begin on January 23, 2019. For more information or to signup for the course, please visit for more information.

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